Bug #72051 Connector/Net 6.1.6 was released, but release notes said 'Not released'.
Submitted: 16 Mar 2014 8:05 Modified: 18 Mar 2014 14:46
Reporter: Meiji Kimura Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:Connector / NET Documentation Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:6.1.6 OS:Any
Assigned to: Daniel So CPU Architecture:Any

[16 Mar 2014 8:05] Meiji Kimura

Connector/Net 6.1.6 was released on June-30-2011.


But the released notes said 'Not released' and there is no changelogs...


How to repeat:
See public realease notes.


Suggested fix:
Modify public release notes & add changes from 6.1.5 as belows. (It's bring from Connector/Net 6.1.6 source codes).

Version 6.1.6
- Added MySqlHelper.ExecuteReader that takes an external connection and array of paramters (bug #56755)
- Handle MySqlCommand.CommandTimeout = 0 properly (Bug #57265)
- Do not call AcceptChanged on tables in MySqlDataAdapter.Update(),
  but on individual rows (Bug #57092)
- fixed problem with using bit parameters as output (bug #56756)
- fixed MySqlCommand.Clone so that the default command timeoout functionality is not disabled when
  you clone a command (bug #56806)
- fixed loading of mono.posix assembly to use the right assembly (bug #56410)
- adding mapping for UTF8MB4 charset introduced with 5.5.3 (bug #58244)
- return default values for text columns as quoted (bug #58167)
- fixed our DDEX code so that dragging tables from server explorer onto a typed data set
  preserves the table name (bug #57894)
- fixed ReadFieldLength to return a long so bigint autoincrement columns can work (bug #58373)
- fixed bug where older versions of MySQL would present cast(0 as decimal(0,0)) as string 
  that caused our EF code to throw an exception as it tried to convert that to bool
  (bug #55349)
- change reader to close the connection if CommandBehavior.CloseConnection is given and an
  exception is generated (bug #58652)
- removed extra call to Update in MySqlDataAdapter introduced with bug fix to bug #54863.
  It seems to not be necessary (bug #58853)
- fixed unnecessary string code in MySqlTokenizer (bug #58757)
- fixed MembershipProvider to properly set a hash key when using a keyed hash alogrithm (bug #58906)
- small code adjustment to make sure our object enumeration works with MySQL 5.5
- fixed exection of command ";" to throw a query was empty exception instead of IndexOutOfRangeException 
  (MySQL bug #59537, Oracle bug #11766433)
- fixed bug that prevented setting the membershipprovider's ApplicationName property at runtime
  (MySQL bug #59438, Oracle bug #11770465)
- fixed MySqlConnectionStringBuilder.ContainsKey to return true for any alternative versions
  of a keyword (MySQL bug #59835, Oracle bug #11766671)
- fixed calculation of precision and scale for decimal columns
  (MySQL bug #59989, Oracle bug #11776346)
- small but important improvements in EF sql generation
- added batching support for updates and deletes (bug #59616)
- Introduced workaround to unexpected query aborts (server 5.1+) when executing a datareader after a command.Cancel() (MySQL bug#60541).
- modified schema1.sql in MySql.Web to remove ENGINE declaration on table creation (Oracle bug #12311974).
- Introduced more detailed exceptions for invalid connection strings errors (MySQL bug#44654, MySQL bug#53076).
- Introduced the real NUnit framework to the CF test suite and fixed issues on BaseTest to properly run with CF libraries. 
- Modified MySql.Data.Entity.ProviderServices to use the correct schema definition file when server is 5.5 or greater (Oracle bug #12407444).
- Introduced a new unit test to ensure a commit will not timeout after a heavly load of inserts (MySQL bug #58004).
- fixed ISSchemaProvider to use the information schema to retrieve parameter metadata when running 
  against server 5.5.3 or greater (MySQL bug #48007, Oracle bug #12539685).
- Fixed MySqlProviderManifest.GetStoreSchemaDescription() to return the correct schema definition depending
  on the server version.
- Fixed MembershipProvider to only return exact matches when calling GetUser(string username) and 
  GetUserNameByEmail (MySQL bug #61027, Oracle bug #12562287).
- added the ability to raise a join on the right side of a join to a derived table in EF code generation (bug #48791)  
- Modified EFMySqlDataReader to read byte[] values as booleans when the server incorrectly reports bits as binaries 
  when they are members of internal EF UNIONS (MySQL bug #60652, Oracle bug #12593193).
- Modified Connection.Open() to not reuse existing driver instance when that instance is closed. Also made Connection.Abort() 
  always close the current driver, even if the connection is pooled. (MySQL bug #58316, Oracle bug #12613102).
- Added Visual Studio DDEX support for Compact Framework projects (MySQL bug #54607, Oracle bug #12605152).
- Fixed Entity Framework provider GROUP BY clause generation by adding all group by keys to the SELECT statement (MySQL bug #46742, Oracle bug #12622129).
- Modified ProviderManifest.xml to map TIMESTAMP db fields to the DateTime .NET type (MySQL bug #55351, Oracle bug #12652602).
- Modified MySqlConnection.BeginTransaction to throw a NotSupportedException when Snapshot isolation level 
  is requested (MySQL bug #61589, Oracle bug #12698020).
[18 Mar 2014 4:47] MySQL Verification Team
Hello Meiji,

Thank you for the report.

[18 Mar 2014 4:58] MySQL Verification Team
Sorry, some URL are wrong, need to add 'l' the end of URLs.

>But the released notes said 'Not released' and there is no changelogs...


>How to repeat:
>See public realease notes.

[18 Mar 2014 14:46] Daniel So
We have made Connector/Net 6.1.6's changelog appear. It will soon be visible on the Web.