Bug #9570 Cannot add tables in the DataSource panel in Visual Studio 2005 beta
Submitted: 1 Apr 2005 19:18 Modified: 6 Apr 2005 4:43
Reporter: Marc Puig Email Updates:
Status: Won't fix Impact on me:
Category:Connector / ODBC Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:3.51.11 OS:Microsoft Windows (Win Xp Pro)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[1 Apr 2005 19:18] Marc Puig
Cannot add tables in the DataSource panel using the wizard in Visual Studio 2005 beta version 8.0.40607.16.

You can select the database, select the table, but when finish the wizard, an error appears "One or more errors occurred while processing the following database objects" and the message follows with "could not find table 'databaseName..tableName' "

I think the problem are the 2 dots that appears in the message. It seems that the wizard tries to find the table that you previosly selected, with the 2 dots 'databaseName..tableName'

Mysql version 4.1.10-nt-max.
.NET framework 2.0.40607

How to repeat:
- Select the DATASOURCES tab
- Click "Add new data source"
- Select the opcion "DATABASE"
- Select "new connection"
- Select ".NET framework Data Provider for ODBC"
- Select the DSN you want to use
- Test connection --> Test connection succesfully
- Click OK
- Browse the tables in the database and select one of them
- Click FINISH

The error appears.
[6 Apr 2005 4:43] Jorge del Conde

Even though I was able to reproduce this, we'll have to wait until VS 2005 reaches a non-beta status to confirm this bug.

[9 Jun 2005 18:38] Marc Puig
I've tried the new Visual Basic.NET 2005 BETA2 and the bug is still there.
[26 Jun 2005 6:18] Fredrik
I'm experiencing the same problem... :(

No workarounds?
[13 Jul 2005 15:29] [ name withheld ]
Same problem...there must be some workaround???

I know that it is Beta, but it may be a while before it is officially released....soooo maybe a fix can be worked on?
[23 Jul 2005 16:27] Michael Dyrnaes
Has Bug #9570 been resolved yet?  

(I have seen other bugs for this dated as late as July 13 about 1 week ago).

If not when will it be fixed?

If this cannot be fixed it kills my entire project.

If NEED to get this working ASAP.

This is absolutely CRITICAL to my work.

[6 Aug 2005 17:57] Freyr Magnússon
I have this very same problem. The error message looks like this:
Could not find table '`store`..`products`'.
but I guess you know that.
When selecting the tables all is well but when generating the dataset this is the result.
I'd love to see this fixed
[21 Aug 2005 15:37] Marc Puig
The same time I add this bug in this section, I also add it to the Microsoft Visual Studio development team.

They answer me that they could reproduce the bug, and this is the message they sent :

Edited by Microsoft on 2005-06-30 at 11:55:28  
Thank you for your feedback. This problem occurs since the data source does not support schemas. Data tools in VS 2005 by default do not support this. There is however a mechanism where by the provider and extend tool support.

Best regards,

VS Data Team  

.... If I could understand, this means that Microsoft wouldn't fix the bug, because it is not a bug. Is MyODBC development team going to solve this ?
[3 Oct 2005 17:58] Lasse Berntzen
Possible workaround:
My goal was to fill a listbox from a datasource.  I experienced the same error message.  The wizard creates one DataSet, a BindingSource and a TableAdapter. Right-clicking the TableAdapter object gives access to 'Edit Queries in DataSet Designer'.  By right-clicking the Fill,GetData() and choosing Configure, it is possible to remove the schema part of the SQL query.  The result:  My listbox is populated from the table.

[7 Nov 2005 14:21] Hermann
Now that VS 2005 is released can we re-open the defect?
[13 Dec 2005 23:20] neuro
applied workaround in Data Sources Window (rmb on a dataset, configure with wizard then rmb on fill, GetData - configure)
Thanks Lasse, you saved me
[13 Dec 2005 23:24] neuro
How to setup MySQL datasources in Visual Studio 2005 (workaround)

for the sake of Google :)
[8 Mar 2006 11:51] Tim Bushell
There is a fix for this.. it goes as follows. 

Follow all the steps you would take to create the error... 
Ignore the message with the error for now.
In the Data Sources pane, right click Data Source and select Edit data source with designer
Right click each table and select Configure
Reform the poor SQL generated by the orginal connection wizard (e.g. . SELECT * FROM `xDBNAME`..`xTABLENAME` to SELECT * FROM xDBNAME.xTABLENAME)
This Data Source can now be attached to the DataViewGrid etc...