Bug #89247 Deadlock with MTS when slave_preserve_commit_order = ON.
Submitted: 15 Jan 2018 14:39 Modified: 19 Jan 2018 15:36
Reporter: Jean-François Gagné Email Updates:
Status: Verified Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Server: Replication Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:8.0.3, 5.7.20 OS:Any
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[15 Jan 2018 14:39] Jean-François Gagné

I have a "deadlock" with MTS (slave_parallel_workers = 32) when running with slave_preserve_commit_order = ON.  If I run the same binlog (after restoring a backup) with slave_preserve_commit_order = OFF, everything works fine.  The master is a 8.0.3 Intermediate Master that is using Write Set to identify parallelism (transaction_write_set_extraction = XXHASH64 and binlog_transaction_dependency_tracking = WRITESET).

I am writing deadlock above because when the slave blocks and if I try to run "STOP SLAVE", it hangs (for at least 20 minutes after which I lost patience).  I tried killing the "Waiting" threads from "SHOW PROCESSLIST" but it did not help.  I then tried killing the coordinator thread (Waiting for workers to exit) and the IO THREAD (Waiting for the slave SQL thread to free enough relay log space) but it did not help.  I had to kill -9 mysqld.

I have the following in the error logs:

2018-01-15T12:45:50.690505Z 12365 [Note] [004182] Multi-threaded slave statistics for channel '': seconds elapsed = 142; events assigned = 83579905; worker queues filled over overrun level = 0; waited due a Worker queue full = 0; waited due the total size = 0; waited at clock conflicts = 1663110876300 waited (count) when Workers occupied = 131673 waited when Workers occupied = 226387714600
2018-01-15T12:46:10.695187Z 12397 [ERROR] [000000] Slave SQL for channel '': worker thread retried transaction 10 time(s) in vain, giving up. Consider raising the value of the slave_transaction_retries variable. Error_code: 0
2018-01-15T12:46:10.695320Z 12365 [ERROR] [001756] Slave SQL for channel '': ... The slave coordinator and worker threads are stopped, possibly leaving data in inconsistent state. A restart should restore consistency automatically, although using non-transactional storage for data or info tables or DDL queries could lead to problems. In such cases you have to examine your data (see documentation for details). Error_code: 1756
2018-01-15T12:46:10.695361Z 12365 [Note] [004210] Slave SQL thread for channel '' exiting, replication stopped in log 'binlog.000338' at position 40421875
2018-01-15T12:46:10.698774Z 12396 [ERROR] [000000] Slave SQL for channel '': worker thread retried transaction 10 time(s) in vain, giving up. Consider raising the value of the slave_transaction_retries variable. Error_code: 0

And the last line is repeated 4 more times.

Also in the error log, I then have many lines like below for Workers 9, 7, 5, 20, 22, 23, 11, 2, 15, 18, 22, 20, 5, 18, 2, 11, 9, 23, 7 15, 22, 5, 11, ...  Each worker has a different binlog position.

2018-01-15T12:47:01.374221Z 12374 [Warning] [001205] Slave SQL for channel '': Worker N failed executing transaction 'ANONYMOUS' at master log binlog.000338, end_log_pos 40429704; Could not execute Delete_rows event on table schema.table; Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction, Error_code: 1205; handler error HA_ERR_LOCK_WAIT_TIMEOUT; the event's master log binlog.000338, end_log_pos 40429704, Error_code: 1205

Stil in the error log, I then get another line about "retried transaction 10 time(s) in vain":

2018-01-15T12:48:43.386433Z 12367 [ERROR] [001205] Slave SQL for channel '': worker thread retried transaction 10 time(s) in vain, giving up. Consider raising the value of the slave_transaction_retries variable. Error_code: 1205

And more lines about "Worker N failed" with HA_ERR_LOCK_WAIT_TIMEOUT, always in the error log.

I have the following in "SHOW SLAVE STATUS": see sss.txt.  Notice the error message but Slave_SQL_Running still to Yes.

I have the following in "SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST": see sfp.txt.  Notice that we do not have the 32 workers in the SHOW PROCESSLIST.  It looks that some threads finished but others are stuck.

I do not have a test case to share, this is coming from production data, but it happens systematically at the same binlog position (I am at my 4th reproduction of the problem after restoring a backup).

This looks very similar to Bug#86079.

Thanks for looking into that,


How to repeat:
No simple test case yet.
[15 Jan 2018 14:39] Jean-François Gagné

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[15 Jan 2018 14:39] Jean-François Gagné

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[15 Jan 2018 17:23] Jean-François Gagné
I reproduced the problem on 5.7.20 (replicating from 8.0.3).
[16 Jan 2018 9:13] Jean-François Gagné
The error message is saying: "Consider raising the value of the slave_transaction_retries variable", so I tried.  With 32 workers and slave_transaction_retries = 50, there is no deadlock.  However, the fact that there is a deadlock (no possibility to stop/start the slave) with 10 retries should still be addressed.
[19 Jan 2018 15:12] Bogdan Kecman
I managed to reproduce this one but it's not easy on slow system. Looks like the faster your system is the easier this is to reproduce. I had to lower the retry number to reproduce faster, with higher retry number I can't reproduce.

Verifying it
thanks for the report
[19 Jan 2018 15:14] Bogdan Kecman
I don't really believe this should be S2 since increasing retry number works around it but I'll leave it as is and let replication team decide :)

all best
[19 Jan 2018 15:36] Jean-François Gagné
Great that you were able to reproduce Bogdan, I have to say that I was not expecting this to be verified so quickly: you rock !

About S2, because the way to get out of this is a "kill -9", I thought it was deserving more than S3.

Thanks for you work on this,

[19 Jan 2018 22:13] Bogdan Kecman

I reproduced it rather quickly and easily (second try), maybe I was just lucky before the long weekend :D .. let's see how will it go again on Tuesday :) 

all best
[21 Aug 2018 7:31] Guangpu Feng
Verified on 5.7.22

in my.cnf: 

slave_parallel_type = LOGICAL_CLOCK
slave_parallel_workers = 16
slave_preserve_commit_order = 1
[21 Aug 2018 9:07] Guangpu Feng
I encountered this problem in MGR of version 5.7.22, and mysqld hangs whenever I issued  'stop grou_replication' or 'mysqladmin shutdown'.

the only workaround is to 'kill -9' and then issue 'set global slave_parallel_workers=1' before 'start group_replication'

---- my.cnf ----
slave_parallel_type = LOGICAL_CLOCK
slave_parallel_workers = 16
slave_preserve_commit_order = 1
[21 Aug 2018 16:19] Guangpu Feng
pt-pmp info:

     10 pthread_cond_wait,os_event_wait_low,os_aio_handler,fil_aio_wait,io_handler_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
     10 pthread_cond_wait,Commit_order_manager::wait_for_its_turn,MYSQL_BIN_LOG::ordered_commit,MYSQL_BIN_LOG::commit,ha_commit_trans,trans_commit,Xid_log_event::do_commit,Xid_apply_log_event::do_apply_event_worker,slave_worker_exec_job_group,handle_slave_worker,pfs_spawn_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      3 pthread_cond_wait,Per_thread_connection_handler::block_until_new_connection,handle_connection,pfs_spawn_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      3 pthread_cond_wait,os_event_wait_low,srv_worker_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      3 pthread_cond_wait,os_event_wait_low,lock_wait_suspend_thread,row_mysql_handle_errors,::??,row_update_for_mysql,ha_innobase::update_row,handler::ha_update_row,Update_rows_log_event::do_exec_row,Rows_log_event::do_apply_row,Rows_log_event::do_index_scan_and_update,Rows_log_event::do_apply_event,Slave_worker::read_and_apply_events,Slave_worker::retry_transaction,slave_worker_exec_job_group,handle_slave_worker,pfs_spawn_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      3 pthread_cond_wait,os_event_wait_low,lock_wait_suspend_thread,row_mysql_handle_errors,::??,row_update_for_mysql,ha_innobase::update_row,handler::ha_update_row,Update_rows_log_event::do_exec_row,Rows_log_event::do_apply_row,Rows_log_event::do_index_scan_and_update,Rows_log_event::do_apply_event,slave_worker_exec_job_group,handle_slave_worker,pfs_spawn_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      3 pthread_cond_wait,os_event_wait_low,buf_flush_page_cleaner_worker,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 sigwait(libpthread.so.0),signal_hand,pfs_spawn_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 sigwaitinfo(libc.so.6),::??,pfs_spawn_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 sched_yield(libc.so.6),Mts_submode_logical_clock::get_least_occupied_worker,Log_event::get_slave_worker,Log_event::apply_event,apply_event_and_update_pos,handle_slave_sql,pfs_spawn_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_wait,os_event_wait_low,srv_purge_coordinator_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_wait,os_event_wait_low,buf_resize_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_wait,os_event_wait_low,buf_dump_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_wait,Gcs_xcom_engine::process(group_replication.so),process_notification_thread(group_replication.so),start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_wait,compress_gtid_table,pfs_spawn_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_wait,Applier_module::applier_thread_handle(group_replication.so),group_replication::??(group_replication.so),pfs_spawn_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_timedwait,os_event::timed_wait,os_event::wait_time_low,srv_monitor_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_timedwait,os_event::timed_wait,os_event::wait_time_low,srv_error_monitor_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_timedwait,os_event::timed_wait,os_event::wait_time_low,lock_wait_timeout_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_timedwait,os_event::timed_wait,os_event::wait_time_low,ib_wqueue_timedwait,fts_optimize_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_timedwait,os_event::timed_wait,os_event::wait_time_low,dict_stats_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_timedwait,os_event::timed_wait,os_event::wait_time_low,buf_flush_page_cleaner_coordinator,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 pthread_cond_timedwait,Certifier_broadcast_thread::dispatcher(group_replication.so),group_replication::??(group_replication.so),pfs_spawn_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 poll(libc.so.6),Mysqld_socket_listener::listen_for_connection_event,mysqld_main,__libc_start_main(libc.so.6),_start
      1 poll(libc.so.6),group_replication::??(group_replication.so),task_loop(group_replication.so),xcom_taskmain2(group_replication.so),Gcs_xcom_proxy_impl::xcom_init(group_replication.so),group_replication::??(group_replication.so),start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)
      1 nanosleep(libpthread.so.0),os_thread_sleep,srv_master_thread,start_thread(libpthread.so.0),clone(libc.so.6)