Bug #8391 "merge" fails on Linux/IA64
Submitted: 9 Feb 2005 12:31 Modified: 15 Feb 2005 3:22
Reporter: Lenz Grimmer Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Server Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:4.1.10-pre OS:Linux (Linux/ia64)
Assigned to: Ingo Strüwing CPU Architecture:Any

[9 Feb 2005 12:31] Lenz Grimmer
The current 4.1 tree fails on Linux/ia64 when running the "merge" test:

TEST                            RESULT
merge                          [ fail ]

Errors are (from /home/mysqldev/lenz/mysql-4.1.10/mysql-test/var/log/mysqltest-time) :
/home/mysqldev/lenz/mysql-4.1.10/client/mysqltest: At line 53: query 'alter table t4 add column c int' failed with wrong errno 2013 instead of 1016...
/home/mysqldev/lenz/mysql-4.1.10/client/mysqltest: At line 58: unable to send query 'create database mysqltest' (mysql_errno=2002 , errno=111)

Looking at var/log/master.err reveals the following error:

050209 14:10:18 [ERROR] /home/mysqldev/lenz/mysql-4.1.10/sql/mysqld: Can't open file: 't4.MRG' (errno: 143)
/bin/sh: line 1: 12441 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) /home/mysqldev/lenz/mysql-4.1.10/sql/mysqld --no-defaults --log-bin=/home/mysqldev/lenz/mysql-4.1.10/mysql-test/var/log/master-bin --server-id=1 --basedir=/home/mysqldev/lenz/mysql-4.1.10/mysql-test --port=9306 --local-infile --exit-info=256 --core --datadir=/home/mysqldev/lenz/mysql-4.1.10/mysql-test/var/master-data --pid-file=/home/mysqldev/lenz/mysql-4.1.10/mysql-test/var/run/master.pid --socket=/tmp/master.sock --log=/home/mysqldev/lenz/mysql-4.1.10/mysql-test/var/log/master.log --character-sets-dir=/home/mysqldev/lenz/mysql-4.1.10/sql/share/charsets --default-character-set=latin1 --tmpdir=/tmp --language=/home/mysqldev/lenz/mysql-4.1.10/sql/share/english/ --innodb_data_file_path=ibdata1:50M --open-files-limit=1024 --rpl-recovery-rank=1 --init-rpl-role=master --key_buffer_size=1M --sort_buffer=256K --max_heap_table_size=1M

How to repeat:
compile MySQL on Linux/ia64 (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9), gcc-3.3.3.
Run the "merge" test, observe the crash.
[10 Feb 2005 15:58] Ingo Strüwing
It was a thread stack overrun.
  IA64 had its own stack size section already.
  Enlarged its default stack size from 192K to 256K.

bk commit - 4.1 tree (ingo:1.2175) BUG#8391
Date: 	Thu, 10 Feb 2005 16:56:59 +0100
[11 Feb 2005 9:53] Ingo Strüwing
Patch approved by Sergei
[11 Feb 2005 12:08] Ingo Strüwing
Fixed in 4.1.10
Increased default thread stack size for IA64 from 192K to 256K.
[15 Feb 2005 3:22] Paul DuBois
Mentioned in 4.1.10 change notes.