Bug #58752 Error when arranging (with python script created) tables in ER diagram
Submitted: 6 Dec 2010 11:47 Modified: 14 Jan 2014 4:48
Reporter: Peter Pfannkuch Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Workbench: Modeling Severity:S1 (Critical)
Version:5.2.29 OS:Any
Assigned to: Alfredo Kojima CPU Architecture:Any

[6 Dec 2010 11:47] Peter Pfannkuch
When I create tables and relationships between tables with a python script and I arrange these tables manually in an ER diagram, sometimes an error occurs with the following message: "Eine externe Komponente hat einen Fehler verursacht. After this error I can continue arranging the tables, until the next error occures.

How to repeat:
Import tables with a python script, create foreignKeys to realize relationships. Put the tables in a diagram and arrange them manually. Sometimes it works, sometimes the error occures.
[6 Dec 2010 14:30] Alfredo Kojima
Please provide the script that created these tables. It is probably a bug in the script.
[6 Dec 2010 14:37] Peter Pfannkuch
python script

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[6 Dec 2010 14:38] Peter Pfannkuch
File to read with the plugin

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[6 Dec 2010 14:39] Peter Pfannkuch
I've added my script and the file, which I read with the script. I discovered another problem: when holding the mouse over the FKs in the ER diagramm, the same error occures
[7 Dec 2010 0:02] Alfredo Kojima
Your script is creating the FKs incorrectly, for each column you add to fk.columns you must also
add the corresponding one to fk.referencedColumns.

However, crash shouldn't occur and that will be fixed.
[7 Dec 2010 8:13] Peter Pfannkuch
Thank you for help, when adding fk.referencedColumn, too, no error occurs.

P.S. The same two files can be used to repeat bug #58554. Should I add them to this bug, too?
[7 Dec 2010 12:56] Alfredo Kojima
That is not necessary, that bug is identical to this one, so
marked bug #58554 duplicate of this one.
[7 Dec 2010 13:00] Peter Pfannkuch
Is it the same bug? Because when creating the FKs correctly, bug #58752 does not occur, but #58554 is still there.
[7 Dec 2010 18:01] Alfredo Kojima
Yes, it's not, I was wrong. I've added additional comments to the other bug, which has been fixed in the repository.
[20 Dec 2013 19:06] Alfredo Kojima
model generated with invalid script

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[9 Jan 2014 15:18] Armando Lopez Valencia
Posted by developer:
Verified in:
Windows 7x64
Ubuntu 13.10x86
Tested with the Model provided.
[14 Jan 2014 4:48] Philip Olson
Fixed as of the upcoming MySQL Workbench 6.1.1 release, and here is the changelog entry:

Importing an invalid model could crash MySQL Workbench, but now an error is

Thank you for the bug report.