Bug #41932 funcs_1: is_collation_character_set_applicability path too long for tar
Submitted: 7 Jan 2009 20:59 Modified: 21 Jan 2009 16:22
Reporter: Matthias Leich Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Server: Tests Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:5.1, 6.0 OS:Any
Assigned to: Matthias Leich CPU Architecture:Any

[7 Jan 2009 20:59] Matthias Leich
  74 (number of characters above, 40 for name of test)
+  1 (preceding separator like '/')
+ up to maybe 30 characters for the name of the binary
can exceed the maximum of 99 characters which is the upper
limit of some OS specific tar implementations used within
the build process.

The name of the test must be shorter.

How to repeat:
not available

Suggested fix:
Use "is_coll_char_set_appl" (21 characters) as name for the test.
[7 Jan 2009 21:37] Bugs System
A patch for this bug has been committed. After review, it may
be pushed to the relevant source trees for release in the next
version. You can access the patch from:


2729 Matthias Leich	2009-01-07
      Fix of Bug#41932 funcs_1: is_collation_character_set_applicability path too long for tar
[7 Jan 2009 22:01] Patrick Crews
Ok to push.
[13 Jan 2009 16:27] Matthias Leich
Pushed to
[15 Jan 2009 6:35] Bugs System
Pushed into 5.1.31 (revid:joro@sun.com-20090115053147-tx1oapthnzgvs1ro) (version source revid:chad@mysql.com-20090114155637-vi1ld8rpsfh465go) (merge vers: 5.1.31) (pib:6)
[16 Jan 2009 3:49] Paul DuBois
Test case changes. No changelog entry needed.

Setting report to NDI pending push into 6.0.x.
[19 Jan 2009 11:25] Bugs System
Pushed into 5.1.31-ndb-6.2.17 (revid:tomas.ulin@sun.com-20090119095303-uwwvxiibtr38djii) (version source revid:tomas.ulin@sun.com-20090115073240-1wanl85vlvw2she1) (merge vers: 5.1.31-ndb-6.2.17) (pib:6)
[19 Jan 2009 13:02] Bugs System
Pushed into 5.1.31-ndb-6.3.21 (revid:tomas.ulin@sun.com-20090119104956-guxz190n2kh31fxl) (version source revid:tomas.ulin@sun.com-20090119104956-guxz190n2kh31fxl) (merge vers: 5.1.31-ndb-6.3.21) (pib:6)
[19 Jan 2009 15:43] Jon Stephens
Setting status back to NDI pending merge to 6.0 tree.
[19 Jan 2009 16:08] Bugs System
Pushed into 5.1.31-ndb-6.4.1 (revid:tomas.ulin@sun.com-20090119144033-4aylstx5czzz88i5) (version source revid:tomas.ulin@sun.com-20090119144033-4aylstx5czzz88i5) (merge vers: 5.1.31-ndb-6.4.1) (pib:6)
[20 Jan 2009 18:55] Bugs System
Pushed into 6.0.10-alpha (revid:joro@sun.com-20090119171328-2hemf2ndc1dxl0et) (version source revid:timothy.smith@sun.com-20090114143745-x2dvnmix6gjlt6z6) (merge vers: 6.0.10-alpha) (pib:6)
[21 Jan 2009 16:22] Paul DuBois
Test case changes. No changelog entry needed.