Bug #36732 many disabled ndb tests in test suite parts
Submitted: 15 May 2008 9:32 Modified: 29 Jul 2008 9:57
Reporter: Mattias Jonsson Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Server: Tests Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:5.1 OS:Any
Assigned to: Mattias Jonsson CPU Architecture:Any

[15 May 2008 9:32] Mattias Jonsson
Here is the mysql-test/suite/parts/t/disabled.def:
ndb_blob_partition             : cannot create t1
ndb_dd_backuprestore           : cannot create t1
ndb_partition_error            : cannot create t1
ndb_partition_list             : cannot create t1
ndb_partition_range            : cannot create t1
part_supported_sql_func_ndb    : cannot create t1
partition_alter1_ndb           : timeout. Needs too much time.
partition_alter2_ndb           : cannot create t1
partition_basic_ndb            : cannot create t1
partition_bit_ndb              : cannot create t1
partition_engine_ndb           : cannot create t1
partition_int_ndb              : cannot create t1
partition_sessions             : needs system_3_init.inc
partition_syntax_ndb           : cannot create t1
partition_value_innodb         : Bug#30581 partition_value tests use disallowed CAST() function
partition_value_myisam         : Bug#30581 partition_value tests use disallowed CAST() function
partition_value_ndb            : cannot create t1
rpl_ndb_dd_partitions          : cannot create t1
partition_alter4_myisam        : Bug#20129 / WL#4176
partition_alter4_innodb        : Bug#20129 / WL#4176

All ndb test should be updated to work (most are probably using list/range/hash partitioning which ndb does not support unless option 'new' is given)

Five tests are also duplicated from suite/ndb (where they have been updated):

How to repeat:
look at mysql-test/suite/parts/t/disabled.def

Suggested fix:
bk rm the five duplicated test files from mysql-test/suite/parts (both test and result files)
update the rest ndb test in suite/parts so they can be enabled
enable all ndb test in suite/parts.
[2 Jul 2008 8:24] Mattias Jonsson
bzr gcommit failed to send commit mail, so here is the 'bzr diff -r -1..' output

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[2 Jul 2008 8:25] Mattias Jonsson
and here is the comments (including per file comments) taken from 'bzr vis'

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[2 Jul 2008 8:27] Mattias Jonsson
I have committed a patch (see above):
Bug#36732: many disabled ndb tests in test suite parts


Updated tests for better matching NDB's limitations.

Removed some duplicate tests.
[8 Jul 2008 10:53] Mattias Jonsson
Pushed into mysql-6.0-bugteam and mysql-5.1-bugteam
[28 Jul 2008 13:44] Georgi Kodinov
Pushed to 5.1.28 and 6.0.7-alpha
[28 Jul 2008 16:47] Bugs System
Pushed into 5.1.28  (revid:joerg@mysql.com-20080714105031-88hmr2baz5di9xej) (version source revid:joerg@mysql.com-20080714105031-88hmr2baz5di9xej) (pib:3)
[28 Jul 2008 17:23] Paul Dubois
Test case changes. No 5.1.x changelog entry needed.

Setting report to Patch Queued pending push of fix into 6.0.x.
[29 Jul 2008 8:52] Georgi Kodinov
Pushed into 6.0.7-alpha
[29 Jul 2008 9:57] Jon Stephens
Closed without further action per comment from Paul.