Bug #28840 ODBC Data Source Administrator crashes on modify ODBC connection
Submitted: 1 Jun 2007 16:42 Modified: 18 Jul 2007 6:13
Reporter: Patrick Luijpers Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:Connector / ODBC Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version: 3.51.15 OS:Windows (Vista Business)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: Connection, crash, Data Source Administrator, modify, ODBC

[1 Jun 2007 16:42] Patrick Luijpers
ODBC Data Source Administrator become unresponsive and tries to restart when configuring an existing ODBC connection.

How to repeat:
1. Create an ODBC connection to a MYSQL database and configure. 
2. Apply and close ODBC Data Source Administrator window.
3. Open ODBC Data Source Administrator.
4. Select created ODBC Connection (from step 1)
5. Click Configure.

6. Error
[1 Jun 2007 18:10] Tonci Grgin
Hi Patrick and thanks for your report.

I was unable to verify it:
 - MySQL server 5.0.38BK on remote WinXP Pro SP2 host
 - MyODBC 3.51.15GA (32bit Win msi file)
 - MS Vista ultimate x64
 - Freshly created System DSN

Could it be due to your system settings? If you can provide me with more info, please reopen the report.
[17 Jun 2007 15:31] Steve Hein
I am able to consistently duplicate this failure.

Additional details . . . 
> v3.51.16 - win32
> Vista Home Premium.
> Attaching to MySQL running on Ubuntu 7.04 - i386 server.
> ODBC driver appears to function normally.  No app issues noted.
> The ODBC administrator functions normally with other non-MySQL connections.
> The failure to administer MySQL connections occurs on "modify" or "remove".
> ODBC Administrator functions normally to "add"
> Uninstalling/Reinstalling the MySQL driver does not resolve the failure.
[22 Jun 2007 8:04] Tonci Grgin
Steve, Patrick, I can not work on bug I can't reproduce. The only way to see what's happening is to get your machines to me... There could be many reasons for this behavior:
 - Failure while downloading (reinstall c/ODBC, check MD5...)
 - Vista security not allowing writing to registry
[27 Jun 2007 19:18] Eric Schuler
I think i have the same problem.  I can add the odbc connection fine, and it works fine.  Just cannot delete it or modify it.  If I try, then the Data Source Administrator crashes.  I do not have this issue with any other ODBC connections.  I am running Vista Business and using MYSQL ODBC 3.51.16.  I do not have this issue with the ODBC V5 Beta, but this has some other issues :-)
If you want to email me schulermeister@gmail.com...   I am happy to help in any way I can.  p.s. I don't know if this is the preferred method for posting stuff like this so please let me know if I should do something else.  Eric
[28 Jun 2007 12:23] Tonci Grgin
This could be a duplicate of Bug#27315. Asking Jared to retest with latest version.
[30 Jun 2007 9:30] Damian Hupfeld
I believe that it is the same bug that you refer to - I can duplicate it 100% of the time with both 3.51.14 and 3.51.16. I am running 32bit Windows Vista Business on a HP laptop....
I can create ODBC but cannot EDIT, DELETE or even USE them.
[3 Jul 2007 3:17] Michael Knight
I can indeed verify this. Same platform as above, Vista Biz.
As far as no registry access, I have UAC and all security options off. I don't think it's an access issue, though anything is possible with Vista. 

Not only does the Connector crash the ODBC applet, but it crashes when some third party apps call the connection it crashes the application. 

Not all applications crash, i.e. "OOo Base", and SQLyog seem to run OK. But I can consistently crash Crystal Reports 10 when connected to a MySQL datasource through the connector. It will crash if I attempt to change the data source in CR, and if it helps it crashes instantly after login.

Heres a screen vid cap of the two crashes:

I'm going to try 5.0 connector to see if I can at least get my report going...I'll post back if it works or not.

[17 Jul 2007 18:57] Jess Balint
I think this is fixed from bug#27315. Please test that it's fixed in 3.51.17 release.
[18 Jul 2007 6:13] Tonci Grgin
Thank you for your bug report. This issue has already been fixed in the latest released version of that product, which you can download at


Explanation: The problem was identified and fixed in MyODBC 3.51.17.
[27 Sep 2010 22:54] Wm. Andrew Wheeler
Sept 27, 2010 I just downloaded and installed the ODBC driver on both a vista machine and a Windows Server 2003 machine. I could not configure nor delete the driver from the system dsn on either machine. The error is "Invalid Attribute string"