Bug #93443 Remote Management - SSH login based management ignores user-defined port setting
Submitted: 2 Dec 2018 7:26 Modified: 2 Dec 2018 21:09
Reporter: Oliver Chattlesworth Email Updates:
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Category:MySQL Workbench: Administration Severity:S1 (Critical)
Version:8.0.13 OS:Microsoft Windows
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[2 Dec 2018 7:26] Oliver Chattlesworth
I'm using MySQL Workbench 8.0.13 on Windows and MySQL Server 8.0.13 on Ubuntu.  Trying to setup Remote Management via SSH for a user, however, no matter what I try it fails.  I'm not using the default SSH port (22) on the server and I've entered my custom port number into MySQL Workbench to reflect that.  Although, when I check the Workbench log it says it is unable to connect to MYSQLSERVERNAME:22

How to repeat:
Try to configure remote management for a user by clicking on remote management tab, enter a custom port number, username and SSH keypath.  The connection times out because it appears Workbench always tries to connect using the default SSH port (22) despite having entered a custom port number in the remote management settings port field.
[2 Dec 2018 7:34] Oliver Chattlesworth
Changing the default port

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[2 Dec 2018 7:36] Oliver Chattlesworth
Error log shows attempt to connect to default port 22

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[2 Dec 2018 7:43] Oliver Chattlesworth
I forgot to add:  click "Test Connection" button and I don't get any error message.  Nothing happens.  It just fails silently.
[2 Dec 2018 14:52] Miguel Solorzano
Setting SSH port on Ubuntu

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[2 Dec 2018 14:53] Miguel Solorzano
WorkBench SSH connection test

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[2 Dec 2018 14:55] Miguel Solorzano
Thank you for the bug report. Please see attached screenshots. Thanks.
[2 Dec 2018 21:03] Oliver Chattlesworth
Hi Miguel,

Thank you for your response and I apologize for the obvious confusion.  That part actually works for me.  What I'm trying to do is access the 'Instance' settings (Startup/Shutdown, Server Logs & Options File) in MySQL Workbench so I can use Workbench to start/stop the server, manage server logs and edit the options file.

Every time I click on one of those options I get an error message stating 'Feature requires remote host access.  Click the wrench icon to configure a remote administration method for this connection.'  It seems as though, in order to access these features, I need to configure additional SSH settings on the 'Remote Management' tab of the 'Manage Server Connections' dialog.

When I click the wrench icon next to 'Instance' back in the Workbench navigator it takes me to the 'System Profile' tab of the 'Manage Server Connections' dialog where everything is greyed out unless I go to the 'Remote Management' tab and select the option 'SSH login based management' where I enter my SSH login information.  It's on this tab that MySQL Workbench seems to ignore the user-defined port setting in the textbox.  After entering the requested information on this tab I click 'Test Connection' and nothing happens.  I don't even get an error message.  When I check the error logs I notice Workbench tried to connect using port 22.  I wonder if it's using a hardcoded value for the port instead of the user-defined custom port?

If I go back to the 'Remote Management' tab and select 'Do not use remote management' then click 'Test Connection' I resume getting the message that the connection to the MySQL server was successful but the problem with that is I can't access the Instance settings from Workbench since it wants me to configure the settings on the 'Remote Management' tab.

Please see the additional screenshots I've attached.
[2 Dec 2018 21:04] Oliver Chattlesworth
Accessing Instance settings from Workbench navigator

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[2 Dec 2018 21:05] Oliver Chattlesworth
Receiving the following error messages when clicking any of the instance settings

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[2 Dec 2018 21:06] Oliver Chattlesworth
Click Remote Management tab

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[2 Dec 2018 21:07] Oliver Chattlesworth
Enter custom port number

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[2 Dec 2018 21:08] Oliver Chattlesworth
Still can't access Instance settings after configuring additional SSH settings

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[2 Dec 2018 21:09] Oliver Chattlesworth
UPDATE:  I was able to get it working after much tinkering around.  What I had to do was enter the port number in the hostname textbox (not the port textbox) so the hostname is in the form of MYSQLSERVERNAME:2222

See attached screenshot.
[2 Dec 2018 21:11] Oliver Chattlesworth
Entering the port in the hostname field allows me to access the Instance settings in MySQL Workbench

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