Bug #86501 Install mysql server-5.7 on ARMv8 architecture (raspberry pi 3 model B)
Submitted: 29 May 2017 14:58 Modified: 8 Jul 2017 22:39
Reporter: AHMED BENJELLOUN Email Updates:
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Category:MySQL Server: Installing Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:5.7 OS:Debian
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:ARM

[29 May 2017 14:58] AHMED BENJELLOUN

I can't install mysql-server-5.7 on my raspberry pi 3 model B (ARMv8).
I got this error when I try to follow mysql page instructions :

W: Impossible de récupérer http://repo.mysql.com/apt/debian/dists/jessie/InRelease  Impossible de trouver l'entrée « mysql-apt-config/binary-armhf/Packages » attendue dans le fichier « Release » : ligne non valable dans sources.list ou fichier corrompu

Sorry it is in french and means failed to fetch http...

I can't deploy my web application on my rapberry because of that.

Waiting for help, thank you.

How to repeat:

commands I used :

sudo dpkg -i mysql-apt-config_0.8.6-1_all.deb

sudo apt-get update
[30 May 2017 6:57] Lars Tangvald

Unfortunately we do not currently provide packages for ARM architectures.
There are a few options to get it working:

a) Use native Debian packages (https://packages.debian.org/sid/mysql-server-5.7):
MySQL 5.7 is available in Debian Sid (unstable) only. You could try installing those packages on Jessie, but you are likely to run into dependency issues, so this will most likely require switching from Jessie to Sid.

b) Use native Ubuntu packages (https://packages.ubuntu.com/zesty/mysql-server-5.7). Any Ubuntu from 16.04 and up contain MySQL 5.7 packages, but it seems to vary how updated the arm packages are. As with a), this will probably require switching the distro on your Pi.

c) Build it yourself. Unfortunately, the memory restrictions on the Raspberry Pi are likely to prevent you from doing this.
First you need to install various packages needed to build debs, such as build-essentials
Then run the following commands after configuring the repo.mysql.com jessie repo
apt-get source mysql-communty # download the build source to the current directory
cd mysql-community-5.7.18 # Changes depending on version
apt-get build-dep mysql-community # Installs packages needed to build
# There is an issue with the source tarball we currently serve for 5.7, so it's missing the Boost headers needed to build 5.7
# You need to edit the file debian/rules, and add the line «-DDOWNLOAD_BOOST=1» under «-DDEB_PRODUCT=communty \»
debuild -uc -us # Build
[8 Jun 2017 22:39] MySQL Verification Team
Please follow the recommendation done in prior comment. Thanks.
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