Bug #8538 Critical parsing error in th SQL parser
Submitted: 16 Feb 2005 10:25 Modified: 5 Apr 2005 7:52
Reporter: Gyula Gubacsi Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MaxDB Severity:S1 (Critical)
Version: OS:Linux (Linux)
Assigned to: Ulf Wendel CPU Architecture:Any

[16 Feb 2005 10:25] Gyula Gubacsi
I found if i do a SELECT with a empty field name:
SELECT a."", a."FullName", a."LoginName", b."ContactName", b."ContactPhone", b."ContactEmail", b."BillType", b."BillDateDue", b."UserFacility", b."TaxNumber", b."OrgName", b."UserComment", c."City", c."ZipCode", c."Address" FROM "tblSysUser" as a, "tblCustomer" as b, "tblAddress" as c WHERE a."Key_SysUserID"=b."FKey_SysUserID" AND b."Key_CustomerID"=c."FKey_CustomerID"

causes an error: Restart Required!
And the database is down. You must restart the db server, and works flawless. 
This should be a parser error, I think.

How to repeat:
[20 Feb 2005 13:12] Aleksey Kishkin
OK. I tested and got:

sqlcli=> \c -d TST -u dba,dba
Connected to TST

sqlcli TST=> create table ax (i int, b int)
0 rows affected (2 msec)

sqlcli TST=> \s
host          : localhost
database      : TST
xuserkey      :
user          : DBA
kernel version: KERNEL    7.5.0    BUILD 023-121-087-292
sapdbc version: libSQLDBC 7.5.0    BUILD 023-121-087-292
unicode       : NO
default code  : ASCII
sql mode      : INTERNAL
autocommit    : ON

sqlcli TST=> insert into ax values(1,1)
1 row affected (2 msec)

sqlcli TST=> select * from ax
| I              | B              |
| -------------- | -------------- |
|              1 |              1 |
1 row selected (1 msec)

sqlcli TST=> select ax."", ax."b" from ax
* -10807: Connection down: [4] connection broken server state 4
sqlcli TST=>
[21 Feb 2005 16:36] Ulf Wendel
Hi again,

we're working on the fix. You can track the progress in the Web PTS. The WebPTS is the internet version of the Problem Tracking System used by SAP to document any kind of bugs and future developments. You can check the progress of the bugfix yourself on http://www.sapdb.org/webpts . The number of the issue created is 1134083 . You'll be able to find it on the website once the internal and the external database have been synchronized.

Sorry, I can't give you a release date for the fix. Be sure that we'll handle it with the priority it deserves.

Keep on going with MaxDB and thanks for the report!

Best regards,
Ulf Wendel
[5 Apr 2005 7:52] Ulf Wendel
Fixed in