Bug #80876 ndb_mgmd fails to start for win32 build in PB2
Submitted: 29 Mar 2016 9:12 Modified: 2 May 2016 15:39
Reporter: Magnus Blåudd Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Cluster: Cluster (NDB) storage engine Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:7.5.2 OS:Any
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[29 Mar 2016 9:12] Magnus Blåudd
After building MySQL Cluster for win32 in PB2 the ndb_mgmd process fails to start. No error or log message can be seen except from mtr.pl who says that ndb_mgmd died. This may be caused by a bug in ndb_mgmd but could also occur because of some misconfiguration or resource shortage in PB2.

worker[1] mysql-test-run: WARNING: [ndb_mgmd.1.1 - pid: 9920, winpid: 9920, exit: 1280] died
worker[1] mysql-test-run: WARNING: Cluster process failed while waiting for start
worker[1] mysql-test-run: WARNING: Failed to wait for start of ndb_mgmd

== Dumping cluster log files


worker[1] mysql-test-run: WARNING: [ndb_mgmd.1.1 - pid: 9920, winpid: 9920, exit: 1280] died 

How to repeat:
Compile with VS2103 and run mtr.pl like PB2 does for mysql-5.7-cluster-7.5

Have not tried to reproduce on developer machine yet.

Suggested fix:
[2 May 2016 15:39] Jon Stephens
Documented fix for this bug in the 7.5.2 changelog as follows:

    ndb_mgmd failed to start on 32-bit Windows platforms, due to an
    issue with calling dynamically loaded functions; such issues
    were also likely to occur with other NDB programs using
    ndb_init(). It was found that all of the functions used are
    supported in targeted versions of Windows, so this problem is
    fixed by removing the dynamic loading of these functions and
    using the versions provided by the Windows header files.