Bug #79296 mysqldbcompare: ignore AUTO_INCREMENT but don't ignore other table options
Submitted: 16 Nov 2015 19:03 Modified: 17 Nov 2015 10:01
Reporter: Ross Goldberg Email Updates:
Status: Verified Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Utilities Severity:S4 (Feature request)
Version:1.5.6 OS:Any
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: mysqldbcompare

[16 Nov 2015 19:03] Ross Goldberg
mysqldbcompare needs an option to ignore the current AUTO_INCREMENT value but to not ignore other table options.

--skip-table-options ignores all table options.

Normally, the ENGINE, CHARSET, etc., should be the same between two instances of a table, but the current AUTO_INCREMENT value should be different depending on the data.

Please add a new option to handle this, possibly named --ignore-current-auto-increment-value.

How to repeat:
Run mysqldbcompare on two databases that have the same table with different current AUTO_INCREMENT values.

Suggested fix:
Please add a new option to handle this, possibly named --ignore-current-auto-increment-value.
[17 Nov 2015 10:01] MySQL Verification Team
Hello Ross Goldberg,

Thank you for the feature request!

[13 Jan 2017 19:17] Florian Beike
I need this new option too.

[30 Nov 2017 15:27] Nicolas Moreau
the mysqldbcompare tool cannot be use for structure comparison between two databases without something to ignore auto_increment value between tables, almost all of my tables fail because ogf this, it is a problem with a thousand of tables
it will be very helpful to have this feature

Best regards Nicolas Moreau
[18 Apr 2018 15:03] Golf Sierra
I need this new option too.

[4 Jul 2019 16:08] Reio Remma
This would be a must have feature for comparing InnoDB tables before MySQL v8.0.

In 5.7 the auto increment value is reset on server restart for InnoDB tables and mysqldbcompare will eventually fail for these tables.