Bug #7880 Catastrophic failure
Submitted: 13 Jan 2005 16:35 Modified: 23 Oct 2005 9:28
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Status: Can't repeat Impact on me:
Category:Connector / ODBC Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:mysql-4.1.8-essential-win.msi OS:Windows (windows 2003)
Assigned to: Bugs System CPU Architecture:Any

[13 Jan 2005 16:35] [ name withheld ]
I installed mysql-4.1.8-essential-win.msi with MyODBC-3.51.10-2-win.exe on my windows 2003 server. If I try to connect with an asp site to the MySQL server. I get the following error:

Provider error '8000ffff' 

Catastrophic failure 

/wm/default.asp, line 37 

I tried the same code on on a windows XP operating system and used the same mysql server. The code worked fine.
Can you help me out?


Martijn Thorig

How to repeat:
First I installed the mysql server. After installing MySQL I installed the ODBC driver.
Created the following asp:


Dim oConn, oRs
Dim qry, connectstr
Dim db_name, db_username, db_userpassword
Dim db_server

Set oConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

db_server = "localhost"
db_name = "mysql"
db_username = "root"
db_userpassword = "fdtheru46"
fieldname = "host"
tablename = "user"

connectstr = "Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};SERVER=" & db_server & ";DATABASE=" & db_name & ";UID=" & db_username & ";PWD=" & db_userpassword & "; Socket=; Stmt=;"

oConn.Open connectstr

Set oRs = nothing
Set oConn = nothing


[17 Jan 2005 11:03] Kevin Dunstan
I too get the same error.
MYODBC 3.51.10-2-win

On a windows 2000 server.

No solution has been found.
[17 Jan 2005 11:26] Lenz Grimmer
This looks more like an ODBC issue to me - changing Category from "MySQL Server/Installing" to "MyODBC"
[18 Jan 2005 20:26] Sean Irish
I have the same problem. But my problem is on a NT 4.0 Systems. 

I have installed it on my Windows 2003 webserver and it just runs fine. 

This problem is present whether I manually input the login information into the dsn or into the code. If I input the information in to the driver and just use the dsn, for some reason it ignores the all the information in the dsn.
[19 Jan 2005 12:07] Lars Albert
I get the same Error on a 
Windows 2003 Server Edition

MYSQL: 4.1.9
MYODBC: 3.51.10-2-win

Not a chance to get through via asp. is there any workaround or something ?
[19 Jan 2005 14:08] [ name withheld ]
My workaround is to use C# and ASP.NET on the Windows 2003 server.

Martijn Thorig
[19 Jan 2005 19:05] Jorge del Conde
Verified using mysql 4.1.9, myodbc 3.51.10-2 & ASP
[21 Jan 2005 9:05] Lars Albert
I cant recode my whole Project. This would take Months.
[21 Jan 2005 9:10] Lars Albert
Since so many people having this problem. I cant understand why this is non critical ? I mean it doesnt work on server ? could there be something worst happen ?
[24 Jan 2005 13:19] Ryan
I have the same problem.  I just installed a fresh copy of the MySQL and the ODBC connector.  Using ASP you get a catastrophic failure.  This came during a migration of over 2000+ and now we're stuck!  We'll holdoff and wait for a new driver I guess.
[24 Jan 2005 17:17] chorfi adil
mon system et: windows xp pro.; vb 6 service pack 6; msdac 2.8 ; myodbc 4.51 et test meme avec 3.51 ; mysql 5.0
probleme de connection adodb erreur 8000ffff description: errore irreparable
le temps me prese que faire S.v.p
[26 Jan 2005 21:05] Guillermo Sandoval
the problem may be occurs when installing 5. version and uninstall and install the 4.1 or 4.0 version, the ODBC driver may be canĀ“t identyfy the version.
[12 Feb 2005 3:08] Ian Davies
I have this problem trying to make a direct ADO connection. I can connect using the same connection string and ODBC driver using ODBC direct or pass-through but it wont .Open the connection using ADO. Using Win 2000, MySQL 4.19 and MyODBC 3.51 driver.
[13 Feb 2005 9:24] Ian Davies
Further to the above - as ADO uses OLE DB it may have something to do with this interface?? Does MySQL have a specific string as an OLE DB provider?
[28 Apr 2005 17:29] Scott Richardson
This may be similar to the Bug #10238:
[23 Oct 2005 9:28] Vasily Kishkin
I re-tested on myodbc 3.51.12, mysql -4.1.16, OS Windows 2003. There is not bug already. Probably bug was fixed.
[8 Apr 2006 8:16] John Sharp
I received the problem too and following the link added this code to my DBConnect process:

oConnection.ConnectionString = DSN

on error resume next

if Err.number <> 0 then
end if

on error goto 0


[28 Jul 2006 14:29] Daniel Hunter
Upgrade to MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver v. 3.51.12.  This solved the problem for me on my Win2003 Server.