Bug #7780 NDB compile problem: 'Dbdict' (compiler internal?)
Submitted: 10 Jan 2005 18:50 Modified: 26 May 2005 9:16
Reporter: Joerg Bruehe Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Server: Compiling Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:4.1.9 + 5.0.3 OS:Linux (Linux/Alpha)
Assigned to: Magnus Blåudd CPU Architecture:Any

[10 Jan 2005 18:50] Joerg Bruehe
Build of release 4.1.9, based on changeset
  1.2190.1.1 05/01/07 12:29:15 lenz@mysql.com +1 -0
  - Updated Do-pkg to include the MySQL Preference Pane into the Mac OS X
    installation disk images
fails on Linux/Alpha ('ds20')  when NDB is included. The error is specific to this platform.
Excerpt from build log:

cxx -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DNDEBUG   -I. -I. -I../../../../..  -I. -I../../../../../include -I../../../../../ndb/include -I../../../../../ndb/src/kernel/vm -I../../../../../ndb/src/kernel/error -I../../../../../ndb/src/kernel -I../../../../../ndb/include/kernel -I../../../../../ndb/include/transporter -I../../../../../ndb/include/debugger -I../../../../../ndb/include/mgmapi -I../../../../../ndb/include/mgmcommon -I../../../../../ndb/include/ndbapi -I../../../../../ndb/include/util -I../../../../../ndb/include/portlib -I../../../../../ndb/include/logger    -O3 -DDBUG_OFF -mieee -fast -arch generic -noexceptions -nortti     -c -o Dbdict.o Dbdict.cpp
cxx: Warning: Dbdict.cpp, line 2227: statement is unreachable
cxx: Fatal: A memory access violation (bus error or segmentation fault)
has occurred.  Please submit a problem report.
gmake[6]: *** [Dbdict.o] Error 1

How to repeat:
Try to build on ds20.
[17 Jan 2005 18:59] Joerg Bruehe
Same problem in build of 5.0.3, based on changeset
  1.1771 05/01/13 15:10:12 lenz@mysql.com +1 -0
  - keep 5.0.3-alpha version string (after-merge fix)
[26 May 2005 9:07] Magnus Blåudd
This problem occured because of too small stack. 

Please increase stack size with "ulimit -Ss unlimted" if you experience this problem.
[2 Sep 2005 6:44] Will Givens
I'm recieving the very same memory access error and unlimit doesn't work [found  that 'solution' when an OSX user was having the same issue]. I do notice one thing, if you compile it, 5.0.x and 4.0.x with NO optimizations, it will compile. Its even more sensitive when it comes to Compaq C [no to mention, it won't build shared libs with CC either].

Try setting your CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS to something like -O0 -arch <host> and then it will compile, it won't run NOWHERE as fast as PostgreSQL-8.0.3 [optimizes GREAT with CC] but what the hey...

More and more ppl are swinging over ot PostgreSQL since the code is mucho cleaner than MySQL and written in standard c. Nice talking to ya Magnus and see ya in 'comp.os.linux.alpha' [DiskMan]

Oh, one other thing, don't bother attempting compiling with GCC-4.0.1 either, it will choke on every other file... When it comes to ANSI C, GCC-4.0.1 more anal then CC ;-)