Bug #7760 Server crash on some queries
Submitted: 10 Jan 2005 9:54 Modified: 21 Sep 2005 1:06
Reporter: Klaus Prückl Email Updates:
Status: Can't repeat Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Server Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:4.1.7 & 4.1.8 OS:Windows (Windows Server 2003 & Windows XP)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[10 Jan 2005 9:54] Klaus Prückl
This is a follow-up bug-report of bug #6701.

The MySQL database server crashes on some queries. This happens both on my developer machine running Windows XP configured as 'Developer Machine' with 512MB as well as on our server with Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition configured as 'Dedicated MySQL Server Machine' with 2GB of memory and 2x Xeon Processors (virtually 4 Processors with HT).

We are using the commercial pro version with InnoDB, which crashes so that the process is terminated (like the -nt version of the GPL installer). For test-reasons I've switched to the GPL debug-version, which seems to be more stable: With this server only the connections hang. After some time or after a lot of connections hang, the server sometime crashes or does not respond on port 3306 any more.

How to repeat:
I've uploaded the database dump as "mysql server bug#6701 dump.zip" and the error-files as "mysql server bug#6701 errorfiles 20041215.zip". There is no special way to repeat the bug. After some time we run our application on the database the server begins to crash on some queries all the time. I suggest that you set up a database with our dump and we configure our application to use your server so that the server crashes in your environment. Another possibility would be that you tell us a way to log all sql statements on MySQL-side so that I can give you a batch of statements that crashes the server.

Suggested fix:
I guess, that the InnoDB tablespace gets corrupt after some time. When it is corrupt the server crashes on some queries all the time. When I'm creating a new InnoDB database ('schema' in Adminstrator) on the same server with the same data the server also works with the old database stable like it is a fresh install and crashes again after some time.
[16 Jan 2005 0:42] MySQL Verification Team
Hi Klaus,

I configured a server mysqld-nt.exe version 4.1.9 on XP using the
my.ini file you attached in the respective support issue and created
the DB egms with their tables. Running the query you wrote in
http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=6701 I got a result set of:

    -> FROM BatchStorages bs
    -> WHERE bs.Deleted = 0 AND bs.FK_OwnerPartyID = 2;
| ID  | Name                 | Weight | ProductName        |
|   1 | S01                  |  26000 | R&F-Roggen PICASSO |
|   2 | S02                  |   NULL | NULL               |
|   3 | S03                  |  23990 | R&F-Roggen PICASSO |
|   4 | S04                  |  20000 | R&F-Roggen PICASSO |
|   5 | S05                  |  20000 | R&F-Roggen PICASSO |


| 100 | Rauch M³hle Salzburg |   NULL | NULL               |
92 rows in set (1.16 sec)

Without to get the server's crash. So according what you wrote:

"I suggest that you set up a database with our dump and we configure our
application to use your server so that the server crashes in your environment."

I would like to try the above. If you need some data of my environment then
please let me know through the support issue you already opened in our
MySQL Customer Support Center.

Thanks in advance.
[17 Jan 2005 9:39] Klaus Prückl
Hi Miguel,

I've also switched to 4.1.9 on friday. The debug version did also hang, so 4.1.9 is also affected. I'd also like to try to crash the server in your environment, so please send me your environment data on the Customer Support Center.

[6 Feb 2005 3:49] MySQL Verification Team
The current status of this bug is that using table space created
with version 4.1.9 not presented until now the crash.
[1 Mar 2005 9:13] Heikki Tuuri

I looked at the .err logs associated with this bug report. They show massive file corruption after the lsn is as little as 370 MB, and lots of memory overrun errors in mysqld. This looks like a bug in the OS/hardware configuration. File I/O is working very unreliably.

Also, the .err logs did not contain the messages of any clean shutdown of mysqld.


[1 Mar 2005 12:56] Heikki Tuuri

Klaus said that this happened on 3 different Windows computers. That clearly indicates a bug in MySQL/InnoDB.

[21 Sep 2005 1:06] MySQL Verification Team
I tested against current 4.1.14 release server and I was unable for to
get the crash.