Bug #76054 Enterprise Workbench and Backup Failure
Submitted: 25 Feb 2015 18:48 Modified: 24 May 2018 15:32
Reporter: Jason Mallory Email Updates:
Status: QA review Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Workbench Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:6.2.4 OS:Windows (Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: WBBugReporter

[25 Feb 2015 18:48] Jason Mallory
11:44:54 [DB1][            MEB]: The MEB executable is valid [mysqlbackup]
11:44:54 [DB1][            MEB]: The backups home directory is valid [C:\MySQLBackupHome].
11:44:54 [DB1][wb_admin_control.py:exec_query:119]: Executing query SELECT host 
                                                    FROM mysql.user 
                                                    WHERE user = 'mysqlbackup' AND 'localhost' LIKE host
11:44:54 [DB1][wb_admin_control.py:exec_query:119]: Executing query SHOW GRANTS FOR `mysqlbackup`@`localhost`
11:44:54 [DB1][            MEB]: The MySQL account ['mysqlbackup'@localhost] is valid.
11:44:54 [DB1][wb_server_management.py:save_file_content_and_backup:1362]: FileOpsLocalWindows: Saving file "C:\MySQLBackupHome\.meb_tmp_config" with backup (sudo="")
11:44:54 [DB1][wb_server_management.py:save_file_content_and_backup:1368]: FileOpsLocalWindows: Writing file contents to tmp file "c:\users\mallor~1\appdata\local\temp\tmpzdxer4" as 
11:44:54 [DB1][wb_admin_meb_common.py:_validate_user_access:1035]: MEB account validation output: MySQL Enterprise Backup version 3.11.1 Windows-6.0-x86 [Tue 11/04/2014 ] 
Copyright (c) 2003, 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.

 mysqlbackup: INFO: Starting with following command line ...
 mysqlbackup --defaults-file=C:\MySQLBackupHome\.meb_tmp_config 
        --no-history-logging --databases=mysql backup 

 mysqlbackup: INFO: 
 mysqlbackup: INFO: MySQL server version is '5.6.23-enterprise-commercial-advanced-log'.
 mysqlbackup: INFO: Got some server configuration information from running server.

 mysqlbackup: ERROR: Missing or invalid option:
   Missing or empty --backup-dir option specified.
 Specified Operation:backup

 Use --help option for usage description.

How to repeat:
Click on Online Backup or Restore in Workbench
[25 Feb 2015 18:49] Jason Mallory
Workbench log file

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[26 Feb 2015 7:21] MySQL Verification Team
Hello Jason Mallory,

Thank you for the report.
Observed this behavior on Windows7(64bit) with WB 6.2.4(64bit commercial edition).