Bug #75505 mysql-5.6.22 missing from yum repository
Submitted: 14 Jan 2015 13:44 Modified: 16 Jan 2015 8:40
Reporter: Klaas Demter Email Updates:
Status: Can't repeat Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Websites: bugs.mysql.com Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:5.6.22 OS:Linux
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: repository, yum

[14 Jan 2015 13:44] Klaas Demter
I wanted to setup the yum repository for mysql-community packages and I noticed there is a version discrepancy between the repositories on repo.mysql.com and the ones available over mysql.com. (5.6.21/5.6.22). Is there a reason the yum repository is not up to date? Is there another repository that includes the latest releases?
http://repo.mysql.com/yum/mysql-5.6-community/el/6/x86_64/ latest 5.6.21
http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ latest 5.6.22


How to repeat:
http://repo.mysql.com/yum/mysql-5.6-community/el/6/x86_64/ latest 5.6.21
http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ latest 5.6.22
[14 Jan 2015 15:02] Klaas Demter
Nevermind... it seems you just filter by useragent or something like that, if I use yum to mirror the repository the current versions are there :)

Still you maybe want to update the website you're publishing to people who are looking at the yum repository with their webbrowser :)
[16 Jan 2015 5:10] MySQL Verification Team
Hello Klaas Demter,

Thank you for the report.
Imho MySQL's yum  repo replaces manual downloads from dev.mysql.com and I don't think it is meant for manual download or advised to directly download from the repo links etc.

You may want to follow the steps outlined in the guide here - http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql-yum-repo-quick-guide/en/index.html

Also, just checked and noticed that reported missing packages are indeed exists. I'm not sure whether they were pushed recently etc but I can see them now. Could you please confirm the same?


[FILE] mysql-community-bench-5.6.22-2..> 01-Dec-2014 16:16   410k 
[FILE] mysql-community-client-5.6.22-..> 01-Dec-2014 16:16  18.5M  
[FILE] mysql-community-client-5.6.22-..> 01-Dec-2014 16:16  19.0M 
[FILE] mysql-community-common-5.6.22-..> 01-Dec-2014 16:16   256k  
[FILE] mysql-community-common-5.6.22-..> 01-Dec-2014 16:16   256k  
[FILE] mysql-community-devel-5.6.22-2..> 01-Dec-2014 16:16   3.3M  
[FILE] mysql-community-devel-5.6.22-2..> 01-Dec-2014 16:16   3.4M 
[FILE] mysql-community-libs-5.6.22-2...> 01-Dec-2014 16:16   1.9M  
[FILE] mysql-community-libs-5.6.22-2...> 01-Dec-2014 16:16   2.0M  
[FILE] mysql-community-server-5.6.22-..> 01-Dec-2014 16:16  57.4M  
[FILE] mysql-community-test-5.6.22-2...> 01-Dec-2014 16:16  56.5M  


[FILE] mysql-community-bench-5.6.22-2..> 01-Dec-2014 16:14   423k  
[FILE] mysql-community-client-5.6.22-..> 01-Dec-2014 16:14  17.0M  
[FILE] mysql-community-client-5.6.22-..> 01-Dec-2014 16:14  17.7M  
[FILE] mysql-community-common-5.6.22-..> 01-Dec-2014 16:14   307k  
[FILE] mysql-community-common-5.6.22-..> 01-Dec-2014 16:14   306k  
[FILE] mysql-community-devel-5.6.22-2..> 01-Dec-2014 16:14   3.0M  
[FILE] mysql-community-devel-5.6.22-2..> 01-Dec-2014 16:14   3.3M  
[FILE] mysql-community-libs-5.6.22-2...> 01-Dec-2014 16:14   1.8M  
[FILE] mysql-community-libs-5.6.22-2...> 01-Dec-2014 16:14   1.9M  
[FILE] mysql-community-server-5.6.22-..> 01-Dec-2014 16:14  52.8M 
[FILE] mysql-community-test-5.6.22-2...> 01-Dec-2014 16:14  48.7M  

[16 Jan 2015 8:40] Klaas Demter
yeah, works now -- thanks