Bug #75100 Query Stats graph does not render
Submitted: 4 Dec 2014 2:05 Modified: 13 May 2016 22:34
Reporter: Philip Olson Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Workbench: SQL Editor Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:6.3.7 OS:Windows
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[4 Dec 2014 2:05] Philip Olson
The 'Query Stats' graph is not rendering properly on my Windows 7 system, although it does render properly on Ubuntu 14.10.

I'm using Workbench 6.2.4 with MySQL Server 5.7.5, with performance schema set to "Fully Enabled" and "Query --> Collect Performance Schema Stats" enabled.

Attached is the rendered (broken) graph. 

How to repeat:
1. Install MySQL 5.7.x
2. Fully enable the Performance Schema
3. Enable "Collect Performance Schema Stats"
4. Execute a query
5. Load the "Query Stats" view under the Results pane
6. Notice the broken graph
[4 Dec 2014 2:06] Philip Olson
Broken Query Stats graph

Attachment: query-stats-graphs.png (image/png, text), 39.89 KiB.

[4 Dec 2014 2:15] Philip Olson
I forgot that the MySQL 5.7 cost model is not required. So FWIW, using MySQL 5.6 renders the same behavior.

Mac OS X 10.10   + WB 6.2.4 + MySQL 5.6: Works
Ubuntu 12.10     + WB 6.2.4 + MySQL 5.7: Works
Windows 7 64-bit + WB 6.2.4 + MySQL 5.7 or MySQL 5.6: Fails

Please let me know if additional information is needed.
[4 Dec 2014 5:41] MySQL Verification Team
Hello Philip Olson,

Thank you for the bug report and repeatable test case.
Confirmed broken graph issue with WB 6.2.4 and MySQL instance 5.6.23.

[4 Dec 2014 5:42] MySQL Verification Team

Attachment: 75100.png (image/png, text), 68.17 KiB.

[22 Mar 2016 11:56] Miguel Tadeu Mota
[13 May 2016 22:34] Philip Olson
Posted by developer:
Fixed as of the upcoming MySQL Workbench 6.3.7 release, and here's the changelog entry:

On Windows, the ´╗┐Query Stats graph would not render with MySQL Server

Thank you for the bug report.