Bug #74470 MySQL Fabric says "Command not found"
Submitted: 21 Oct 2014 4:46 Modified: 22 Oct 2014 5:01
Reporter: Mahesh Patil Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Fabric Severity:S1 (Critical)
Version:1.5.2 OS:Linux (Centos 6.3)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[21 Oct 2014 4:46] Mahesh Patil
I have installed mysql utilities and python connector all utilities installation is successful.

When I execute 
"Command not found"

$mysqlfabric "list-commands" 
"command not found"

How to repeat:
Just execute a utility/process

Suggested fix:
I think it should throw exact error if there is any problem and behavior of this utility has to be the same as with others.

1. If installation is successfull then mysqlfabric utility should work as other utilites works.

2. Simplified command list help us to use mysqlfabric easily
[21 Oct 2014 7:34] MySQL Verification Team
Hi Mahesh,

Generally "Command not found" means that OS searched for command everywhere it knew to look and could not find a program by that name.

I'm sure you have installed mysql-utilities* and mysql-connector* but suspect that they are not in the path. Could you please confirm this? Also, how did you install?

I just installed on my testbox and able to see/confirm that it works at my end:

[root@cluster-repo ushastry]# rpm -qa|grep -i mysql-utilities*
[root@cluster-repo ushastry]#
[root@cluster-repo ushastry]# rpm -qa|grep -i mysql-connector*
[root@cluster-repo ushastry]#
[root@cluster-repo ushastry]#
[root@cluster-repo ushastry]# mysqlfabric
Usage: mysqlfabric [--param, --config] <grp> <cmd> [arg, ...].

MySQL Fabric 1.5.2 - MySQL server farm management framework

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Override a configuration parameter.
  --config=FILE         Read configuration from FILE.

Basic commands:
    help <grp> <cmd>  Show help for command
    help commands     List all commands
    help groups       List all groups
[root@cluster-repo ushastry]# which mysqlfabric
[root@cluster-repo ushastry]#

[root@cluster-repo ushastry]# mysqlfabric help commands list
statistics node             Retrieve statistics on the Fabric node.
statistics group            Retrieve statistics on Procedures.
statistics procedure        Retrieve statistics on Procedures.
group activate              Activate failure detector for server(s) in a group.
group description           Update group's description.
group deactivate            Deactivate failure detector for server(s) in a group.
group create                Create a group.
group remove                Remove a server from a group.
group add                   Add a server into group.

[22 Oct 2014 5:01] Mahesh Patil
This has been solved - Not an issue