Bug #71389 Mysql for Excel Sidebar not displaying correctly
Submitted: 15 Jan 2014 8:17 Modified: 18 Dec 2015 17:35
Reporter: Andre Fourie Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL for Windows: MySQL for Excel Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:1.1.3 OS:Windows (7)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[15 Jan 2014 8:17] Andre Fourie
The sidebar gets cut off and cannot be resized.

How to repeat:
I am running Excel 32 bit on a Windows 7 64 bit installation.
[15 Jan 2014 8:24] Andre Fourie
Screenshot of Mysql For Excel Addin Sidebar

Attachment: Mysql_Addin_Sidebar_Screenshot.PNG (image/png, text), 178.56 KiB.

[18 Jan 2014 1:20] Javier Treviño
cut-off sidebar

Attachment: Cut-off sidebar.png (image/png, text), 154.67 KiB.

[18 Jan 2014 1:22] Javier Treviño
Could reproduce the problem only when bumping the text size on windows control panel's display settings to more than 100%.

The workaround for now is to reset the text size to the default 100%.
[22 Aug 2014 5:23] Songwon Chi
I'm using version 1.2.1 with Windows 7 64-bit (Korean) and it's worse.
Rright side is cut-off (the same as this bug) and 
bottom is not displayed - no buttons showed.
[22 Aug 2014 5:26] Songwon Chi
Both right side and bottom cut-off

Attachment: side-bottom-cut-off.png (image/png, text), 23.71 KiB.

[22 Aug 2014 5:35] Songwon Chi
Above work around (setting to 100%) didn't work for me.
[12 Feb 2015 13:28] Marek M
Hi everyone, 

the issue relates also to my case. Win 8.1 64bit + Excel 32 bit + most recent MySQL for Excel version. 

During istallation of MfE I was asked to add MS Visual Studio Tools for Office RT 2010, what I did, but in fact I'm having VS 2013 installed.

The suggested workaround works partially: proper height of inner parts of sidebar but width is still set up to 1/2 of total sidebar width. 

My screen is HD screen. So, when I decrease text and elements' size (according to suggested workaround), the side panel's look improves (as mentioned above), but cannot work with Excel . Do not know what is worse:)


[28 Aug 2015 14:15] Rob F
Also having this problem.  

Office 2013 64 bit running on Windows 10.  Surface Pro 3.

Fix would be greatly appreciated - thx.
[4 Oct 2015 3:44] Paul Zorsky
This remains an issue. Problem on laptop but not desktop using WIN 8.1 64 on lenovo ideapad
[31 Oct 2015 1:59] Lixhjideny Mendez
I can confirm this also affects on Windows 10 as of today with the latest version installed.
[3 Dec 2015 18:27] Janja Avgustin
I have the same problem on Windows 10 (MySQL for Excel 1.3.5). The workaround doesn't work at all on my Lenovo laptop. I effectively cannot import data into MySQL from Excel.
[11 Dec 2015 6:55] Javier Treviño
Posted by developer:
Changed settings for containers and forms to let all UI components to automatically scale on different DPI settings. Removed the restriction to resize the add-in's pane, so in case a different DPI setting is used and the fonts look too big, the add-in pane can be resized to let users see contents as best as possible.
[11 Dec 2015 15:23] Marek M
Great news. 
Which version ofeat news MySQL for Excel should the improvement be included to? 
And when?:)

[11 Dec 2015 16:24] Javier Treviño
This change will be released in MySQL for Excel 1.3.6.
Sorry but by company policy we can't disclose any release dates.
[18 Dec 2015 17:35] Philip Olson
Fixed as of the upcoming MySQL for Excel 1.3.6 release, and here's the changelog entry:

Changed settings for containers and forms to let all UI components
automatically scale on different DPI settings. Also removed the
restriction to resize the MySQL for Excel's pane, so in case a different
DPI setting is used and the fonts look too big, the pane can be resized to
see contents as best as possible.

Thank you for the bug report.
[7 Jan 2016 12:54] Rob F
Confirmed working now:
- Excel 2013
- W10, 64 bit
- MS surface 3

[12 Apr 2016 10:47] Ahmed Gaaloul
maybe there is incompatibility between mysql and your OS.
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