Bug #69763 Missing datatype options: BIT, ENUM() and SET()
Submitted: 17 Jul 2013 8:24 Modified: 7 Feb 2014 8:01
Reporter: Nanne Huiges Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Workbench: Modeling Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:5.2.47, 5.2.40 and 6.0 OS:Any
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[17 Jul 2013 8:24] Nanne Huiges
For one particular model-file there are missing datatypes, including (but maybe not limited to) the fields BIT, ENUM() and SET().

These are not selectable as datatype for column, and if typed they generate either the default error message "Could not set new data type" (on windows) or the datatype is not changed (Ubuntu) and 'reverts' back to what it was.

Other models I have made earlier work as expected (e.g. they do support ENUM), and starting a new model will result in the same (supporting ENUM), so there seems to be something going on with this model specifically. It behaves almost as if there is a setting making this happen, but there is -as far as I know- nothing different about the model

Tested on:

* Mysql Workbench version: 5.2.47 CE (revision 10398) on Windows 7
* Mysql Workbench version: 5.2.40 (revision 8790) on Ubuntu 13.04
* Mysql Workbench version: 6.0 community (build (BETA) on Windows 7

Settings for all projects are the same ('default'), in my case

* Default target mysql version: 5.5
* Storage engine: InnoDB

Also see: http://stackoverflow.com/q/17680214/546999

How to repeat:
* Open attached file "no-enum.wmd"
* Double-click "exampletable"
* In the "columns" tab, select the 'datatype' column for "should_be_enum"
* Enter "ENUM('value')". 
--> Notice that it doesn't work
* Press the select-arrow for the datatype to look for ENUM.
--> Notice there are several types not available, amongst others the ENUM() type.
[17 Jul 2013 9:53] Umesh Shastry
Hello Nanne,

Thank you for the bug report. 
Verified as described.

[12 Aug 2013 20:07] Richard Watson
Same problem with geometry data types.
[28 Jan 2014 4:55] Umesh Shastry
Confirmed on Win7 + MySQL Workbench build 1158 that it is no longer repeatable.

- There isn't any problems when you type for example: ENUM('value')
- Problem is noticed i.e a warning is popped up only when you don't pass any value to ENUM, which is expected.
[28 Jan 2014 5:01] Umesh Shastry
Also, there isn't any problems noticed with SET, and BIT.

E.g - SET('ONE','TWO'), BIT(1) etc works
[6 Feb 2014 17:27] Philip Olson
This appears to be a documentation bug, which is now fixed. The documentation now reads as:

  ENUM, BIT, and SET must contain at least one value when entering
  these data types into MySQL Workbench.

Please add a note if this is now the case (or if a bug was fixed).

Thank you for the bug report.
[7 Feb 2014 8:01] Nanne Huiges
I'm not sure if we are talking about a fixed version of the workbench, or that there is a miscommunication, but note that:

* I understand that normally you need to enter a value in ENUM for it to work
* This means that typing "ENUM('value')" should work. And it does normally
* This bug-report is about a specific file getting to a state where this does NOT work. It is NOT a case of "ENUM NEVER WORKS", it is a bug that workbench has created a model that is broken.

so I doubt it has anything to do with documentation