Bug #68678 How can I get the mysql-5.1.8.tar.gz?
Submitted: 15 Mar 2013 1:32 Modified: 19 Mar 2013 1:30
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Category:MySQL Server Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version: mysql-5.1.8.tar.gz OS:Any
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[15 Mar 2013 1:32] starive Lei
I need the version of mysql-5.1.8.tar.gz, but I can not find it everywhere, where can I get the mysql-5.1.8.tar.gz?

Thank you very much!

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please give the link.
[15 Mar 2013 7:46] MySQL Verification Team
It was never released.

Why do you need an old version like this?  Please, use 5.5.30 and 5.6.10!
[15 Mar 2013 8:11] Hartmut Holzgraefe
First 6.0.0, then 5.1.8 ... what are you up to?
[18 Mar 2013 2:04] starive Lei
because I am reading a book, and I have talked with the author and he said he used the mysql-5.1.8.tar.gz in his book.
[18 Mar 2013 2:07] starive Lei
Hartmut Holzgraefeļ¼š
Thank you for your reply. Now , I am developing some storage engnie.At present, I think I need the mysql-5.1.7.tar.gz, or mysql-5.1.9.tar.gz, but I can not find them , could you give me some link to find them? Thank you!
[18 Mar 2013 6:20] MySQL Verification Team
From Oracle, we can only provide you with what is here:

Some older mirrors might provide the ancient versions you seek.
[18 Mar 2013 13:43] Hartmut Holzgraefe
Even my personal archive doesn't reach that far back into pre-GA release land ...

You should be able to extract the source from the bzr repository on launchpad though:

  bzr co -r tag:mysql-5.1.18 lp:mysql-server/5.1
[18 Mar 2013 14:40] Hartmut Holzgraefe
Stupid typo in the tag name :(

Use this instead:

  bzr co -r tag:clone-5.1.8-build lp:mysql-server/5.1

or for 5.1.7 use either "tag:mysql-5.1.7" or "tag:clone-5.1.8-build"
[19 Mar 2013 1:30] starive Lei
Hartmut Holzgraefeļ¼Œ thank you very much! I am looking for mysql-5.1.7.tar.gz, mysql-5.1.8.tar.gz, mysql-5.1.9.tar.gz for a very long time.I am desperate!!!!!!!!! I can not find them anywhere.

I will have a try!