Bug #6777 myqsl administrator 1.0.14 restore function fails - more information
Submitted: 23 Nov 2004 19:03 Modified: 1 Dec 2004 4:33
Reporter: Alejandro Sánchez Marín Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Administrator Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:1.0.14 OS:Microsoft Windows (windows xp and fedora core 2)
Assigned to: Bugs System CPU Architecture:Any

[23 Nov 2004 19:03] Alejandro Sánchez Marín
Hello, i make a backup of my database 850 MB aprox. and when i try to restore fails. I try on windows xp and gnu/linux fedora core 2, i cant make a myqsl -p database < dumpeddatabase.sql because i think is on a special format or anything similar. 

My server are enciclopedia.us.es, i would very pleased if can solve this inmediately. I'm planning to install a cluster and mysql cluster are a option. If you can help me, i buy it 100%. If not, i pass to postgresql.

Thanks and im anxious for you reply, i have 50000 diary users who makes 300000 hits server to maintain and i depend of your work.

How to repeat:
Get a big database > 800 Mb of mediawiki 1.2.4 format, i'm a fork of wikipedia, create a backup and try to restore, if you want i can send to you a copy via ssh.

Suggested fix:
Repair restore on mysql administrator 1.0.14 or pass me a solution to make a mysql db < dumpeddb.sql.
[24 Nov 2004 1:22] Alfredo Kojima

What is the error? How was the backup file created?
[24 Nov 2004 14:37] Alejandro Sánchez Marín
My server is a fedora core 2 with mysql 4.0.22 rpm package. 

I use my laptop to control it, because my office is on other point of my town. I have installed fedora core 2 and windows xp, both with mysql administrator 1.0.14.

Normally i use it to see health server as mytop, to change user permision and show processlist. 

To make a backup i normally use mysqldump from command line with ssh connection from my laptop to server, but i want to try to use mysql administrator. For this reason i make a backup on linux and result looks fine. The process spend 1 hour and dumpeddb.sql was 850 Mb, all ok like a mysqldump. This backup was store on my laptop not on my server, but i can move with scp. I have a very speed line.

In this point say myself: Cool, i can make all things without connect to my server via ssh and after enter to mysq console command line. Now i can make a backup with one push only.

Next day of made backup, a powerdown corrupt my database and need to restore it. I get my laptop, start on linux and when i try to restore program show restore finish correctly but only restore first table of database. 

Fuck!, i cant restore correctly, well i'll try to restore with mysql database < dump.sql, where dump.sql was mysql administrator backup. But show an error, i edit the file (¡850 MB with vi!) and see comments which was create by mysql administrator and mysql can't restore it. Oh my God! what fucking thing was created by mysql administrator?! well i erase these comments who was on 10 first lines and retry to recover via command line and fails again. 

Well, linux fails, try with windows. And result was same.

I think i was first person who use mysql administrator to make a backup of a very big database (850 MB) remotely and try to restore. Perhaps is a problem because i use a remote connection, or is a very big database or a found a superbug on mysql administrator. BUT I NEED TO RESTORE MY DATA!

If you want i can send to you my backup and try to restore yourselft. I cant restore it. 

Im waiting for your reply, and 50000 users community (enciclopedia.us.es).
[24 Nov 2004 18:19] Alfredo Kojima

Can you compress your backup file with bzip2 and upload it to 
ftp://ftp.mysql.com/pub/mysql/upload/ ?

Thank you.
[24 Nov 2004 19:13] Alejandro Sánchez Marín
Do it! File is called enciclopedia.sql.bz2

Thanks and waiting for your reply.
[29 Nov 2004 19:49] Alejandro Sánchez Marín
Well, i put this on my database dump but doesnt repair it. 

sed -e's/),;/);/' enciclopedia.sql > enciclopedia.sql.nuevo

Once i apply mysql wikidb < enciclopedia.sql.nuevo doesnt run and i need to use mysql administrator 1.0.14 linux version exclusively because windows version doesnt run. But with microsoft this is normal ;D

If you want i can send to you a detailed report to add new versions of your development. I can restore my system with a old backup and binlog.

Many many thanks for your help!