Bug #66949 mysqlslap: Cannot set default engine: Unknown storage engine 'ndbcluster'
Submitted: 24 Sep 2012 18:44 Modified: 6 Jan 2013 20:53
Reporter: Charles Leu Email Updates:
Status: No Feedback Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Server: Storage Engines Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:Ver 1.0 Distrib 5.5.27-ndb-7.2.8 OS:Linux (CentOS release 5.8 (Final))
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[24 Sep 2012 18:44] Charles Leu
mysqlslap reports "Cannot set default engine: Unknown storage engine 'ndbcluster'" when supplied the command line arg "--engine='ndbcluster'".

Note: When mysqlslap is supplied command line arg "--engine='innodb'" that storage engine is known/recognized, and mysqlslap runs without reporting an error.

How to repeat:
1) On a host running CentOS release 5.8 final, install MySQL Cluster 7.2.8
  (install from MySQL-Cluster-server-gpl-7.2.8-1.rhel5.x86_64.rpm).
2) If required install mysqlslap  Ver 1.0 Distrib 5.5.27-ndb-7.2.8, for Linux (x86_64). 
3) Invoke mysqlsap, and specify arg --engine='ndbcluster' args ala:
   mysqlslap --verbose --host=localhost --port=3306 --user=root --password=rootpassword --socket=/var/lib/mysql-3306/mysql.sock --engine=ndbcluster --auto-generate-sql --auto-generate-sql-load-type=read --auto-generate-sql-write-number=1 --auto-generate-sql-execute-number=10 --concurrency=1 --iterations=1
[24 Sep 2012 19:47] MySQL Verification Team
Not sure why you mention mysqlslap here.  I suppose you just didn't enable ndbcluster engine to begin with.

Please login with mysql command line client and check output of:

[24 Sep 2012 21:51] Charles Leu
A MySQL cluster has been installed, configured, and running without ado.  I have apps that can use tables created specifying 'ndbcluster' (as well as other storage engines) just fine.  But mysqlslap (that I simply wanted to employ mysqlsap for some basic load testing) doesn't seem to know about 'ndbcluster' when specified via a command line arg.

Following is output showing the available engines. 

mysql> show engines;
| Engine             | Support | Comment                                                        | Transactions | XA   | Savepoints |
| ndbcluster         | YES     | Clustered, fault-tolerant tables                               | YES          | NO   | NO         |
| CSV                | YES     | CSV storage engine                                             | NO           | NO   | NO         |
| MyISAM             | YES     | MyISAM storage engine                                          | NO           | NO   | NO         |
| ndbinfo            | YES     | MySQL Cluster system information storage engine                | NO           | NO   | NO         |
| MRG_MYISAM         | YES     | Collection of identical MyISAM tables                          | NO           | NO   | NO         |
| InnoDB             | DEFAULT | Supports transactions, row-level locking, and foreign keys     | YES          | YES  | YES        |
| ARCHIVE            | YES     | Archive storage engine                                         | NO           | NO   | NO         |
| BLACKHOLE          | YES     | /dev/null storage engine (anything you write to it disappears) | NO           | NO   | NO         |
| FEDERATED          | NO      | Federated MySQL storage engine                                 | NULL         | NULL | NULL       |
| PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA | YES     | Performance Schema                                             | NO           | NO   | NO         |
| MEMORY             | YES     | Hash based, stored in memory, useful for temporary tables      | NO           | NO   | NO         |
11 rows in set (0.00 sec)
[6 Dec 2012 20:53] Sveta Smirnova
Thank you for the report.

I can not repeat described behavior:

$../client/mysqlslap e-e ndbcluster -u root -S ./var/tmp/mysqld.1.1.sock --create-schema=test --engine=ndbcluster --auto-generate-sql --auto-generate-sql-load-type=read --auto-generate-sql-write-number=1 --auto-generate-sql-execute-number=10 --concurrency=1 --iterations=1
	Running for engine ndbcluster
	Average number of seconds to run all queries: 0.009 seconds
	Minimum number of seconds to run all queries: 0.009 seconds
	Maximum number of seconds to run all queries: 0.009 seconds
	Number of clients running queries: 1
	Average number of queries per client: 10

Do you have single MySQL server, running on this machine?

Please send us output of `ps -ef | grep mysqld` and SHOW PROCESSLIST taken when mysqlslap test with InnoDB run.
[7 Jan 2013 1:00] Bugs System
No feedback was provided for this bug for over a month, so it is
being suspended automatically. If you are able to provide the
information that was originally requested, please do so and change
the status of the bug back to "Open".