Bug #65420 user interface doesn't remember any changes
Submitted: 25 May 2012 12:35 Modified: 31 Jan 2018 10:01
Reporter: mike coutinho Email Updates:
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Category:MySQL Workbench: Modeling Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:5.2.41 OS:Mac OS X (lion)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[25 May 2012 12:35] mike coutinho
any time I close down the application or close out of a project window and reopen it, all of the visual changes I have made to the application are gone.  For instance, when I load my model in the application, the description, user types, and history tabs on the left side pop up even though I have turned them off by clicking the button on the top right hand side of the page.  If I adjust the size of the sidebar on the left, it does not remember that either.  

The model, when loaded, also doesn't remember where I was.  I have two physical schemata tabs at the top.  It loads the second one, which is not my primary schemata that I am working with every time.  When it loads, it also scrolls down to the bottom of a very long "blank page" that shows the schema privleges, sql scripts, and model notes. I have to scroll up and click on a different schemata every time I load the model.

When I am working with a model, if I click on a view or table to edit it, the view or table shows up at the bottom and the page at the top scrolls around and looses its focus.  It also doesn't show which item I am currently working on.  If I open a view and table in the bottom of the editor, when each of them is brought to the forefront, I expected the view or table to be hilighted at the top of the screen.  

As a feature request too, the top of the screen doesn't show long names for tables and views.  It is nearly impossible to find items.  Can there be a way to change the view type at the top of the model to a list view or something other than a view of everything that doesn't allow you to see the entire name.  Would be very helpful to have a list view on top that you could change to or even to have a list view on the left side so you can see where you are and what you are changing. 

How to repeat:
see most of the description above.  It all happens every time I use the application.
[25 May 2012 12:56] Valeriy Kravchuk
I can agree with most of your concerns expressed in this bug report. Same problems on older Mac OS X 10.5.x.
[6 Aug 2012 16:09] mike coutinho
most of this is still broken in 5.2.41
[31 Jan 2018 10:01] Mike Lischke
Posted by developer:
I agree with many of your concerns, but this bug report (which is rather a feature request actually) is far too broad to be handled in a structured way. Better is to focus on one thing per issue report. However, a full persistent application state is already in our feature backlog. Hence it is not needed to open a new report for that.