Bug #61629 MySQL Installer do not delete data server files
Submitted: 24 Jun 2011 14:03 Modified: 5 Jul 2011 15:36
Reporter: Armando Lopez Valencia Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL for Windows: Installer Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version: OS:Any
Assigned to: Iggy Galarza CPU Architecture:Any

[24 Jun 2011 14:03] Armando Lopez Valencia
MySQL Installer do not delete data server files.

How to repeat:
1. Run the installer.
2. Choose the "Install MySQL Products".
3. Skip the "Check for updates".
4. Choose the "Developer default" Setup type.
5. Modify the "Data Path" (C:\ProgramData\TEST\MySQL Server 5.5).
6. Finish the installation.
7. Run the installer.
8. Choose the "Remove MySQL Products".
9. Remove the products previously installed.
10. On the "Clean existing data?" page check the "Remove server datafiles".
11. Finish the removal.
12. Go to the modified data path (C:\ProgramData\TEST\MySQL Server 5.5).

Expected results:
No data should be stored.

Actual Results:
All the data is present.
[24 Jun 2011 14:41] Peter Laursen
Actually the current (non-beta) .msi installers do not either. It should not in my opionion. Compare taht if you unisntall an Office-suite your personal data (documents, templates etc.) do not get deleted either. It also does not delete my.ini (it did in old days, I reported this as a bug and it was fixed) 

An uninstaller should remove the program *only* - not *user's data*.  This is general recommendations everywhere. What would you say if you uninstalled Photoshop and all your photos from the last 10 years were lost?

But I think there already is a feature request here (with the current installer) that the uninstaller could *optionally* remove everything (data, my.ini, whatever).

(not a MySQL person)
[4 Jul 2011 20:41] Johannes Taxacher
@Peter: removing the data-/settingsfiles is not the default behavior of MySQL Installer but must instead be explicitly selected by the user after removal of the server.
[5 Jul 2011 15:36] Armando Lopez Valencia
Tested in OS: Windows 7x64
MySQL Installer build: pre-binary.