Bug #60957 Keyboard navigation does not scroll the view in "Model Overview" window
Submitted: 23 Apr 2011 5:03 Modified: 31 Jan 2018 10:13
Reporter: Ajay M Email Updates:
Status: Won't fix Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Workbench: Modeling Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:5.2.33 (Rev 7605) OS:Microsoft Windows (7, XP)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[23 Apr 2011 5:03] Ajay M
When you try to scroll up / down using the keyboard the view in the "Model Overview" window does not scroll up / down. It works when the scroller of the mouse is used. 

How to repeat:
Same as specified in "Description".
[23 Apr 2011 8:13] Valeriy Kravchuk
Please, send a screenshot that explains where exactly scrolling does not work. 

Are you sure that window has a focus on it (try to click there first then use keyboard navigation)?
[24 Apr 2011 0:36] Ajay M
Before scroll

Attachment: scroll_start.png (image/png, text), 173.71 KiB.

[24 Apr 2011 0:37] Ajay M
After scroll

Attachment: scroll_end.png (image/png, text), 171.17 KiB.

[24 Apr 2011 0:50] Ajay M
I have added two screenshots.

1. "scroll_start.png" -- This is the screenshot where I have focussed on the table "oc_country". The selection has moved to this table as confirmed by the "Decription Editor" panel on the top left. The table is visible and highlighted (i.e. having the background color blue in my case) in the "Model Overview" panel.

2. "scroll_end.png" -- This is the screenshot taken after I have moved down using the keyboard to the table "oc_store". The selection has moved successfully as shown by the "Description Editor". But this time the "Model Overview" has not scrolled down to keep up with my selection. I can not see the table of interest ("oc_store" in my case) in the "Model Overview" window.

The expectation was that as soon as the selected table is not visible in the "Model Overview", the view starts scrolling downwards to keep up with the visible tables and hence "oc_store" should have been visible and highlighted (i.e. having the background color blue in my case) as was the case in the first screenshot for the table "oc_country".
[26 Apr 2011 6:00] Valeriy Kravchuk
Verified on Windows XP.
[31 Jan 2018 10:13] Mike Lischke
Posted by developer:
As mentioned before this requires a complete rework of the modeling overview page. We do not plan anything like that in the foreseeable future, but kept this task in our task backlog.