Bug #59796 Apply SQL Script to Database window sticks on top of all other windows
Submitted: 28 Jan 2011 14:55 Modified: 24 May 2011 19:37
Reporter: Matthew Hall Email Updates:
Status: Verified Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Workbench: SQL Editor Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:5.2.31, 5.2.33b OS:Mac OS X (10.6.6)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: workbench window

[28 Jan 2011 14:55] Matthew Hall
The "Apply SQL Script to Database" window that MySQL Workbench spawns when dropping a database via Sql Editor sticks on top of all other windows after the "Apply" button is clicked.  The window remains movable and does not steal focus, but will not go behind any other windows when other windows receive focus.

How to repeat:
1. Connect to a database using SQL Editor in MySQL Workbench.
2. Right-click on a schema in the schema list and select "Drop Schema...".
3. Click the "Apply" button.
4. Notice that if you focus another window in the same area that the main MySQL Workbench window goes behind it, but the "Apply SQL Script to Database" window sticks on top.  Additionally, the "Apply" button remains activated.
5. When the SQL script is successfully applied to the database, the window returns to normal behavior.

Suggested fix:
Make the "Apply SQL Script to Database" window behave as normal the entire time the SQL script is being processed.
[1 Feb 2011 20:55] MySQL Verification Team
Thank you for the bug report. Could you please provide a screen-shot that illustrate the issue reported?. Thanks in advance.
[2 Feb 2011 17:46] Valeriy Kravchuk
I can not repeat this on Mac OS X 10.5.x. Looks like something specific to 10.6 (or our package for 10.6).
[27 Mar 2011 15:45] Valeriy Kravchuk
Please, check if the same problem still happens with a newer version, 5.2.33.
[28 Mar 2011 15:36] Matthew Hall
Still occurring on OS X 10.6.7 with Workbench 5.2.33b.
[7 Apr 2011 13:13] Alfredo Kojima
I can't repeat on 10.6.7 here. 

Do you have some utility that changes the behaviour of the UI installed?
[7 Apr 2011 13:28] Matthew Hall
Nope, I've got basically a vanilla installation of OS X 10.6.7, fully patched.  Just tested again with 5.2.33b to be sure and I am still seeing the behavior while a drop of a large database is being processed by the server.
[22 Apr 2011 17:07] Patrick Seymour
I can confirm that this bug exists, however in a separate context. I am using 5.2.31CE Revision 7115 32-bit on a Windows 7 64-bit system. I do not remember what I did to cause this, but the entire Workbench window (not just one subwindow, the entire thing) would display on top of every other program window and application. It would not steal focus, but would prevent everything else, including the Windows start menu and other Workbench windows, from appearing. This also continued after closing and starting the program, restarting windows, etc.

(To move hidden window: Right click the hidden window's thumbnail in the start menu, select move, hit any arrow keyboard key, then move mouse to where you want the window to be placed.)

I worked around this for as long as I could, until I decided to attempt to open Workbench's Help->About menu item. This opened a window that could not be moved, seen, or closed out of, so I was forced to use the task manager to close the Workbench process.

However, I was delighted to find out that upon starting the Workbench program, it was no longer forcing itself on top of other windows: It had begun to behave normally. Somehow, forcing close the process reset its behavior. I recommend to anyone afflicted by this bug to use task manager to force terminate the Workbench process, and to please comment whether restarting Workbench resulted in the behavior being corrected.
[24 May 2011 19:37] Alfredo Kojima
Intersting, this only happens when the app is busy. If the scirpt to be applied is replaced with select sleep(100); it can be easily observed.