Bug #59246 "Start Export" button not enabled after error in dump module
Submitted: 31 Dec 2010 18:45 Modified: 16 Nov 2011 5:20
Reporter: J Chimene Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Workbench: Administration Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:5.2.31 OS:Linux (Debian testing, Ubuntu 10.04)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[31 Dec 2010 18:45] J Chimene
User must restart the "Import/Export" function after certain file-related error

How to repeat:
log into server instance via "Manage import/export"
select "data dump"
select appropriate database objects
click "export to self-contained file" (although it probably fails w/o this step"
enter an invalid file path
click "start export", get errno 13

Suggested fix:
re-enable the button after certain exceptions (like mistyping the dump file name)
[2 Jan 2011 16:30] MySQL Verification Team
See if you have write permission, the error 13 means permission denied.
[2 Jan 2011 17:26] J Chimene
No, that's not it.

Instead of /tmp, I fat-fingered to /rmp

So, I suppose the correct reproduce sequence would be to include "edit the destination to correct the error"

So the sequence 
  set focus to output destination text box
  enter invalid output destination path
  click the "start export" button (fails)
  set focus to output destination text box
  enter valid output destination path

does not re-enable the "start export" button
[26 Jan 2011 10:36] Valeriy Kravchuk
Verified just as described in the last comment on 32-bit Ubuntu 10.04.
[19 Aug 2011 23:57] Sergio Andres De La Cruz Rodriguez
I have tried unsuccessfully to reproduce the bug as mentioned, both in v.5.2.31 and in v.5.2.35 in Ubuntu 11.04. Can any one confirm if it can be reproduced and how?
[20 Aug 2011 0:02] J Chimene
I was able to reproduce this problem in version 5.2.34 using the steps as outlined in the original report.

I used the path "/other/fred.dat" as the destination for "export to self-contained file"
[22 Aug 2011 10:48] Johannes Taxacher
verified as described on ubuntu 10.10.
the [start export] button isn't changed back to enabled once an err like this has appeared - so only workaround is to reopen whole admin-tab
[22 Aug 2011 19:12] Armando Lopez Valencia
Reproduced on Ubuntu 10.04x86.

Repro Steps:
1. Open WB.
2. Select A server Administration instance.
3. Go to "Export Disk" tab.
4. Select "Export to self-contained file" option.
5. Leave the file Path empty.
6. Press the "Start Export" button.
[22 Aug 2011 19:31] Armando Lopez Valencia
Reproduced on windows 7 too.
[16 Nov 2011 5:20] Philip Olson
Fixed as of 5.2.36:

+        Within a server instance administration panel, setting
+        <guimenu>Export to Self-Contained File</guimenu> to an invalid
+        path resulted in an unhandled exception.