Bug #59161 connector c++ - packages and download page
Submitted: 24 Dec 2010 16:37 Modified: 24 Dec 2010 19:02
Reporter: Santo Leto Email Updates:
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Category:Connector / C++ Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:1.1.0 OS:Windows
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: connector_cpp, Download, intuitiveness, packages, usability

[24 Dec 2010 16:37] Santo Leto
In the download page of the Connector C++ (but a similar speech can be done for the download page of the connector C) there are several packages and it's not that easy to understand the differences between them.

Let's consider for example 32-bit versions.

We have the Installer:


and three zip archives:

mysql-connector-c++-1.1.0.zip (the connector source)				

1) it's not intuitive to understand that mysql-connector-c++-1.1.0.zip is the archive that contains the source code (what about adding a src suffix? Bug #59160).

2) what are the differences between mysql-connector-c++-noinstall-1.1.0-win32.zip and mysql-connector-c++-noinstall-1.1.0-win32-vs2005.zip? if I'm not wrong the documentation is not updated on this point.		

3) what about adding a small sentence which describe the packages in the download table of the website? (this could be useful in general for all tools and downloads, to increase intuitiveness and help new users which are going to download some tools for the first time).

How to repeat:

Suggested fix:
See above.
[24 Dec 2010 19:02] Valeriy Kravchuk
Thank you for the problem report.
[7 Jan 2011 15:04] Ulf Wendel
Thanks for the hint on the format of the download pages. The download pages somewhat follow the standard MySQL templates.

There's pretty exhaustive information on VS version stuff at http://forge.mysql.com/wiki/Connector_C%2B%2B and http://forge.mysql.com/wiki/Connector_C%2B%2B_Binary_Builds . That's also noted at http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/connector-cpp-installation-binary.html .
[7 Jan 2011 15:07] Ulf Wendel
I think the requested information is given although "tools" != "Visual Studio". And that's because we really mean tools in order to make cleat that its relevant not only for Windows.


All distributions of Connector/C++ contain a README file, which contains platform-specific notes. At the end of the README file contained in the binary distribution you will find the settings used to build the binaries. If you experience build-related issues on a platform, it may help to check the settings used on the platform to build the binary.

A better solution is to build your MySQL Connector/C++ libraries from the source code, using the same tools that you use for building your application. This ensures compatibility.

One problem that can occur is when the tools you use to build your application are not compatible with the tools used to build the binary versions of MySQL Connector/C++. Ideally, you need to build your application with the same tools that were used to build the MySQL Connector/C++ binaries.
[1 Jun 2016 9:38] Rafal Somla
Posted by developer:
Package names have been updated in never versions. On Windows they look now like this:


There are no VS-specific packages any more. The only remaining concern is no -src suffix for source packages. I will check if there are any obstacles to changing this.