Bug #57585 Meb test incremental_inb fails with segmentation fault error.
Submitted: 19 Oct 2010 22:12 Modified: 20 Oct 2010 19:22
Reporter: Hema Sridharan Email Updates:
Status: Can't repeat Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Enterprise Backup Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:MEB 3.5.next mysql-5.1-meb OS:Linux
Assigned to: Satya B CPU Architecture:Any

[19 Oct 2010 22:12] Hema Sridharan
I pulled latest mysql-3.5.next tree and mysql-5.1-meb tree. 
I executed incremental_inb.test and test fails with error "Segmentation fault"
I think there is some issue with incremental backup in Mysqlbackup C version

The version that I used is
 bzr version-info
revision-id: ritheesh.vedire@sun.com-20101019114513-r1ml37hudg09rrn6
date: 2010-10-19 17:15:13 +0530
build-date: 2010-10-19 23:41:35 +0200
revno: 248
branch-nick: meb-3.5.next

How to repeat:
./mtr --suite=meb incremental_inb

CURRENT_TEST: meb.incremental_inb
sh: line 1: 13686 Segmentation fault      /export/home/tmp/MEB/meb-3.5.next/meb-innobackup-c/mysqlbackup --ibbackup=/export/home/tmp/MEB/meb-3.5.next/meb-ibbackup/back/ibbackup --apply-log --incremental /export/home/tmp/MEB/mysql-5.1-meb-fixing/mysql-test/var/tmp/backup2/backup-my.cnf /export/home/tmp/MEB/mysql-5.1-meb-fixing/mysql-test/var/tmp/backup1/backup-my.cnf >/export/home/tmp/MEB/mysql-5.1-meb-fixing/mysql-test/var/log/restore-inc1.log 2>&1
mysqltest: In included file "./suite/meb/include/incremental.inc": At line 437: command "$INNOBACKUP --apply-log --incremental $BACKUP2_CNF $BACKUP1_CNF >$LOGDIR/restore-inc1.log 2>&1" failed
[20 Oct 2010 8:57] Satya B
It's passing on my machine. From the description of this bug page, it seems it is failing at apply-log stage.

Can you please provide?
1. the output log of apply-log operation.
2. machine used for reproducing (I will try to get stack trace)

It passes on PB2. may be something to do with environment or machine..
[20 Oct 2010 9:15] Miguel Solorzano
Changing to need feedback. See questions in prior comments. Thanks in advance.
[20 Oct 2010 19:22] Hema Sridharan
I am not able to repeat the failure with the latest meb-3.5.next build