Bug #57317 Missing descriptions in NDBAPI/MGMAPI
Submitted: 7 Oct 2010 15:25 Modified: 10 Feb 2012 7:20
Reporter: Jon Stephens Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Server: Documentation Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:ALL OS:Any
Assigned to: Jon Stephens CPU Architecture:Any

[7 Oct 2010 15:25] Jon Stephens
The following methods lack even basic descriptions:


How to repeat:
See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/ndbapi/en/ndb-table-methods.html

Suggested fix:
Add descriptions for the indicated Table methods.
[5 Nov 2010 20:08] Jon Stephens
Mail from JD Duncan, 20101105:

> NdbDictionary has some "convenience methods" that make it much easier to 
> actually do anything with NdbRecords.
> I don't know anything special about these -- I'm just trying to use 
> them.  But as far as I can tell, they are supposed to be in the 
> documentation (in "the NdbRecord interface" section), but they're missing.
> That's:
>   NdbDictionary::getValuePtr()
>   NdbDictionary::isNull()
>   NdbDictionary::setNull()
> etc. up to NdbDictionary::getNullBitOffset()
> all in include/ndbapi/NdbDictionary.hpp
[8 Nov 2010 13:08] Jon Stephens
JD has also noted that NdbTransaction::scanIndex() also appears to have changed in NDB-7.1.
[16 Nov 2010 19:10] Jon Stephens
Here's another one:

NdbTransaction::executePendingBlobOps(), which is 


Determine whether we actually support it, and if so, document it.
[27 Nov 2010 12:24] Jon Stephens
MGM API functions, mentioned in bug reports and in docs derived from code comments, but #ifndef DOXYGEN_SHOULD_SKIP_INTERNAL'ed out:

(and by implication ndb_mgm_destroy_configuration() and the struct ndb_mgm_configuration)
[5 Jan 2012 11:16] Jon Stephens
Issues with NdbTransaction::scanIndex(), NdbTransaction::unlock(), NdbTransaction::releaseLockHandle(),
NdbOperation::getLockHandle() fixed by mysqldoc r28603, r28617, r28630, r28632.
[5 Jan 2012 11:20] Jon Stephens
Missing NdbDictionary methods (getRecordType(), getRecordTableName(), getRecordIndexName(), getFirstAttrId(), getNextAttrId(), getOffset(), getNullBitOffset(), getValuePtr(), isNull(). setNull(), getRecordRowLength(), and
getEmptyBitmask()) added in mysqldoc r28576 & r28583.
[10 Jan 2012 12:38] Jon Stephens
Added documentation for the following missing NDB API methods while working on other issues:


Bug report status unchanged.
[10 Jan 2012 18:57] Jon Stephens
mysqldoc r28705, r28706: Documented the getRowGCIIndicator(), getRowChecksumIndicator(), setRowGCIIndicator(), and setRowChecksumIndicator() methods. Also added the Table::getPartitionId() method that was previously undocumented.
[11 Jan 2012 13:10] Jon Stephens
Sent mail to developers asking about the 'internal' MGM functions, which should be the last issue that needs resolution before i can close this bug.
[19 Jan 2012 11:45] Jon Stephens
Discussed MGM API configuration functions with Jonas yesterday; there's been no real demand for this, so we'll leave them until there is.

[10 Feb 2012 7:20] Jon Stephens
Forgot to close earlier.