Bug #55705 configuration tool for MySQL server options
Submitted: 3 Aug 2010 7:15
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[3 Aug 2010 7:15] Roger Nay
While mysql has some differences, the addition of a mysqlconf tool (similar to the postfix/postconf tool) would be helpful in addition to the current edit the text file (show commands) mechanism for server options.

As an example... postfix (http://www.postfix.org) is a mail server.

It has the same issue that sometimes you want to see config entries in the config file.
Sometimes you also want to SET these values.
Sometimes you want to see the default values.

postfix solves this with the postconf(1) utility the following way:

postconf -n gives a list of NON-default values (those explicitly set in the config file)
postconf -d gives the list of all DEFAULT values
postconf gives the list of all "current" values DEFAULT (where not overrriden)
postconf -e "some_parameter = new value" allows the config file to be updated with the new setting.

If the variables and values are shown consistently you could make mysqld write out it's current config to file (not possible now) if so desired.

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Suggested fix:
A tool or utility with the functionality, to change/query/view values from configuration files used during server start up.

Should also be helpful when updating a large deployment, run the same command on all servers instead of editing a file on each server.