Bug #54696 The Font in the SQL Editor is too small on Linux and not configurable
Submitted: 22 Jun 2010 14:17 Modified: 23 Jun 2010 6:24
Reporter: Tom Khoury Email Updates:
Status: Not a Bug Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Workbench: SQL Editor Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:5.2.24 RC OS:Linux (Ubuntu 10.04)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: editor, font, size, SQL

[22 Jun 2010 14:17] Tom Khoury
The text that is typed into the SQL editor for MySQL Workbench is way too small to be able to read on Linux.  Also, I am not able to change the font size.  The preferences dialog has a place where fonts and colors are defined; however any changes I make are not applied or saved

How to repeat:
1. Open the SQL Editor by selecting a connection under the section "SQL Development" in the home screen.
2. Begin typing SQL into the SQL Query pane on the top-right pane.  The text that is typed in is barely readable.
3. Open the preferences dialog by selecting Edit >> Preferences from the main menu.
4. Select the "Appearance" tab. 
5. Under the section labeled "Fonts", select the line labeled "Editor".  Double click on that line so that you can edit the font size.
6. Change the font size from 10 to 12.
7. Close the Preferences dialog, then re-open this dialog again and navigate to the appearance tab.  You will find that the edit to the font size has not been saved.
[22 Jun 2010 14:24] Alfredo Kojima
Did you press Enter after changing the font size to apply your changes to the editor? Just clicking OK without confirming the change in the grid won't work.
[22 Jun 2010 15:11] Tom Khoury
I did not press "Enter" after changing the font size.  I just clicked on the "OK" button to close out the dialog assuming that all changes would be saved automatically.  I will try that the next time I use this on Linux.  At the same time, this is not very intuitive.  There should be some indication of an intermediate step required to save individual line edits.
[22 Jun 2010 18:53] Miguel Solorzano
Please try what Alfredo commented in this way worked for me on Fedora. Thanks in advance.
[23 Jun 2010 0:56] Tom Khoury
After pressing the return key after editing the font in the preferences dialog, then closing and re-opening the SQL Editor, the font was changed.  Thanks for your help.
[23 Jun 2010 6:24] Susanne Ebrecht
Many thanks for your feedback.

I will close this bug report.