Bug #54010 gnome-keyring package dependency
Submitted: 26 May 2010 22:31 Modified: 17 Jun 2010 9:41
Reporter: Jota Jota Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Workbench Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:5.2.21 OS:Linux
Assigned to: Alfredo Kojima CPU Architecture:Any

[26 May 2010 22:31] Jota Jota
In all Debian based distros, gnome-keyring package shouldn't be a required dependency of mysql-workbench-oss-5.2.xx.deb package.

On a pretty basic system using GNOME as the desktop environment, this package "should" be already installed. In case it is not, the system would report the errors right now WB says trying to contact the gnome-keyring-daemon.

On the rest of the systems using another desktop environment (i.e KDE), probably the user won't use or doesn't want the gnome-keyring package installed. Of course this users should make use of the "export WB_NO_GNOME_KEYRING=1" feature.

Maybe the gnome-keyring package could be treated as a "Suggestion".

How to repeat:
dpkg -i mysql-workbench-oss-5.2.xx.deb. gnome-keyring and all its dependencies will be installed.

Suggested fix:
Remove the gnome-keyring.deb as a dependency, and set it as a suggestion of the mysql-workbench.deb package.

There could be a lot of workarounds to this.
[27 May 2010 9:51] Johannes Taxacher
this is a duplicate of Bug #52866
[27 May 2010 16:10] Jota Jota
Could you explain why you consider this been a duplicate of Bug #52866?

I'm talking about not having to install the gnome-keyring package on a non-GNOME system. Cause right now it is a required package upon installing the mysql-workbench package.

Bug #52866 is talking about the possibility of not using the gnome-keyring-daemon while running the mysql-workbench.
[27 May 2010 22:14] Alfredo Kojima
Changed gnome-keyring to a Suggests: dep
[16 Jun 2010 21:46] Johannes Taxacher
fixed in current release
[17 Jun 2010 9:41] Tony Bedford
An entry has been added to the 5.2.22 changelog:

Gnome keyring package was a dependency of MySQL Workbench. It was undesirable to require its installation on KDE-based systems.