Bug #53158 Monitor not able to detect a local db installation when upgrading
Submitted: 26 Apr 2010 12:09 Modified: 24 May 2010 13:56
Reporter: Roger David Nay Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Enterprise Monitor: Installing Severity:S4 (Feature request)
Version: OS:Any
Assigned to: BitRock Merlin CPU Architecture:Any

[26 Apr 2010 12:09] Roger David Nay
Changing the config.properties to a server name which resolved to a eth0:1 local address caused problems during an upgrade. (Linux).

2.1 to 2.2 upgrade.

How to repeat:
Modify config.properties to use a host name as mysql.server which resolves to the local host. The server works fine with the config.properties change, but the upgrade fails to install new version of the embedded MySQL server, and can't continue.

Workaround is to put back in the local value for mysql.server.

Suggested fix:
Better messages or handle the resolving.

1. Tell the dba/installer that you 'think' the db instance is remote, and therefore should be upgaded to version 1.2.3 first, AND 
2. Allow the dba/isntaller to say: "I know what I want to do: please continue".

The current error message "Warning: MySQL Server version 5.1.40 or later with partitioning enabled is
required." is not that helpful.
[13 May 2010 8:10] BitRock Merlin
Patch sent to Keith.
[13 May 2010 23:55] Enterprise Tools JIRA Robot
Andy Bang writes: 
In build
[14 May 2010 20:46] Enterprise Tools JIRA Robot
Marcos Palacios writes: 
Tested with Monitor upgrade installer build Test scenario as follows:

- using Mac OS X 10.5
- installed monitor build with local repository
- stopped the MEM tomcat and mysql
- edited config.properties to use: mysql.server=marcos-palacioss-macbook-pro.local
- restarted the MEM tomcat and mysql
- ran monitor upgrade installer build
* results:
-- the message (pop-up) mentioned above was not shown during the upgrade install
-- the upgrade completed w/o errors on screen
-- trying to start the app failed: got 'HTTP Status 404' error on browser
-- attaching here:
  --- upgrade bitrock_installer log,
  --- MEM mysql-monitor.log which has:
      "java.lang.RuntimeException: jdbc:mysql://marcos-palacioss-macbook-pro.local:33306/mem?"
[14 May 2010 20:47] Enterprise Tools JIRA Robot

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[14 May 2010 20:47] Enterprise Tools JIRA Robot

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[14 May 2010 21:39] Roel Van de Paar
See bug #52877
[21 May 2010 17:48] Enterprise Tools JIRA Robot
Marcos Palacios writes: 
Verified fixed in Monitor upgrade installer build

The issue was not with the installer, but with the environment (a router) which resolved the hostname to a host not authorized in the MEM repository for the user.
[24 May 2010 13:56] MC Brown
A note has been added to the 2.2.1 changelog: 

        When upgrading an existing &merlin_server; installation, where                                                                                     
        the MySQL database is identified as not being on the current                                                                                       
        host (either because it is on the same machine with a                                                                                              
        different IP, or a different machine), the upgrade installer                                                                                       
        would fail to provide a warning that such a MySQL database                                                                                         
        installation cannot be upgraded automatically by the                                                                                               
        installer. A warning providing more information on how to                                                                                          
        upgrade is now provided.