Bug #47892 Prompt for SSH password if no password is given (ssh connections)
Submitted: 7 Oct 2009 10:03 Modified: 21 Jul 2010 15:13
Reporter: Craig Fowler Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Workbench Severity:S4 (Feature request)
Version:5.2.4 alpha OS:Any (Debian Squeeze x86/Ubuntu 9.04 .deb package)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: Connection, Security, ssh
Triage: Needs Triage: D5 (Feature request)

[7 Oct 2009 10:03] Craig Fowler
Please add the feature to prompt for an ssh password at connection-time if no password or identity file is given in the "manage TCP-over-ssh database connection" dialog.

This allows ssh password authentication to be used without needing to store the password in cleartext (or whatever reversible encryption workbench uses).

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Not applicable, feature request
[25 Nov 2009 8:38] Hartmut Holzgraefe
again, in the server administration part of the tool this seems to be implemented just fine, just not in the SQL development part ...?
[30 Nov 2009 15:06] Johannes Taxacher
the password prompt has been included already but it doesn't work properly yet in all situations:
- works fine from within the "manage connections" dialog (when using "test connection")
- when trying to connect a query session using a profile without passwd/key the password is asked for twice (and on linux WB crashes after second entry ... works on windows/osx though)
[19 Jul 2010 10:29] Craig Fowler
I have just tested WB 5.2 GA against this bug (both scenarios that JTaxacher mentioned in his last report) and I can no longer reproduce it on Debian Squeeze/32 bit using the Ubuntu 10.4 .deb package.

Unless there is another platform where this bug is valid then I'm happy for it to be closed as fixed.
[19 Jul 2010 13:14] Johannes Taxacher
fixed in current release
[21 Jul 2010 15:13] Tony Bedford
A 'change' entry has been added to the 5.2.25 changelog:

MySQL Workbench has been changed to support prompting the user for a password on attempting to connect, when using a TCP over SSH connection type, if a password was not previously provided during configuration of the connection.