Bug #44460 "Failed to open connection to database"
Submitted: 24 Apr 2009 15:19 Modified: 26 May 2009 13:15
Reporter: Tonci Grgin Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:Connector / NET Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:6.0.3 OS:Microsoft Windows (W2K8 x64)
Assigned to: Reggie Burnett CPU Architecture:Any

[24 Apr 2009 15:19] Tonci Grgin
While creating new dataset I get following error:
  Failed to open a connection to database.
  Cannot load type with name

How to repeat:
See attached image.

Suggested fix:
[24 Apr 2009 15:19] Tonci Grgin
Everything shown on image.

Attachment: bug44460.jpg (image/jpeg, text), 139.00 KiB.

[24 Apr 2009 15:22] Tonci Grgin
However, same connection (and stored procedures) work in server explorer. I tried varying c-string options to no avail.
[29 Apr 2009 3:02] Dave Adams
I observe the "Cannot load type with name 'MySql.Data.VisualStudio.StoredProcedureColumnEnumerator'." bug with VS 2008 only, not with VS 2005.

I am connecting to a remote machine, specifying an IP address for the server.  The database version on the remote machine is Community 5.0.67.

My environment is a WinXP 32-bit virtual machine with VS 2005 SP1 and VS 2008 SP1 installed side by side with a snapshot taken after the first run of each IDE (to perform the initial environment setup).  I roll back to this snapshot to test new connectors.
[30 Apr 2009 22:48] alex kapmar
i have the same error on make new connect from c# 2008
to local mysql and to remote the same error

i cnot use the Mysql connector from c#
[4 May 2009 22:57] Ernst Kaufmann
I have the same error for VS 2008
Win XP SP3 - 32 bit
[5 May 2009 15:26] Bugs System
A patch for this bug has been committed. After review, it may
be pushed to the relevant source trees for release in the next
version. You can access the patch from:

[5 May 2009 15:27] Reggie Burnett
fixed in 6.0.4

I didn't see the errors listed in this bug report but when I tried to use an sproc in a dataset the wizard dialog simply disappeared.  I also found that one of our ddex xml files was referencing the StoredProcedureColumnEnumerator type that was no longer available.  I have now fixed that and successfully used a sproc in a dataset.  If this bug persists then please reopen but I think this fixes it.
[7 May 2009 14:26] Stephan Zeller
how, can I get the patch ? is there any possibility to get it as a compiled version ?
[7 May 2009 14:41] Reggie Burnett
you can get the source code from svn.mysql.com
[7 May 2009 14:55] Stephan Zeller
thanks.. is there also a already compiled version ? I have problems compiling the sources..
[7 May 2009 16:09] Reggie Burnett
Not right now.  In the past we've tried to have an automated snapshot build facility and I'll try again to set that up. Until then you'll have to build yourself or wait for my release.
[8 May 2009 12:50] Stephan Zeller
thanks.. is there any possibility to get around this bug? (without new version)
what do you think you will release this?

Compling still throws errors I can´t get around:
isn´t found !

thank you..
[8 May 2009 14:26] Tonci Grgin
Stephan, remove it from, I think, Assembly.info...
[12 May 2009 9:38] NQ Aries
Is there any update on this, can we expect the complied patch in next few days or should we look for some other alternative? Thanks. Aries
[25 May 2009 11:28] José Francisco RangelSerrano
When will a new version that solves this problem? I have tried to compile the patch but I get errors. 

Should we wait a long time? 

Thank you.
[26 May 2009 13:15] Tony Bedford
An entry was added to the 6.0.4 changelog:

When creating a new DataSet the following error was generated:

Failed to open a connection to database.
Cannot load type with name 'MySQL.Data.VisualStudio.StoredProcedureColumnEnumerator'
[31 May 2009 5:25] David Baines
Do we know when the fix for this bug is gonna be rolled into the msi installer?
I get... 
Cannot load type with name 'MySQL.Data.VisualStudio.StoredProcedureColumnEnumerator' and trying earlier versions of the connector throw up different issues.

[11 Jun 2009 13:19] Rick Long
I am having the same issue with VS 2008 on windows vista 32 bit. I am not sure how to compile the bug fix can some one please give me some instructions.
[14 Aug 2009 22:57] Sarasa Palomon
can someone point *where* is the information related on *how* to compile this so-called patch ? because I have done the usual search on google and found nothing. been reading the docs also, none useful.
[17 Aug 2009 7:02] Tonci Grgin
Sarasa, I don't get it... 6.0.4 is out and available, why would you want to compile the patch?