Bug #44387 'use snmp traps' checkbox on advisors gets reset & has random display behavior
Submitted: 21 Apr 2009 16:48 Modified: 26 Jun 2009 15:36
Reporter: Shannon Wade Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Enterprise Monitor: Web Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version: OS:Any
Assigned to: Sloan Childers CPU Architecture:Any

[21 Apr 2009 16:48] Shannon Wade
When setting the 'use snmp traps' checkbox, subsequent display has very random behavior. I selected 1 advisor and disabled it. Clicked it again it shows disabled. I clicked on another advisor, then clicked that 1st one again and it shows enabled again. I also notice similar behavior when selecting groups ..aka all heat chart rules...no matter what you set that checkbox displays 'checked' eventually when you subsequently check individual rules or or groups of rules. Thus you don't know if it is truly enabled or not.

How to repeat:
For example: select 'Heat Chart' -> 'agent not communicating...', disable the 'Use SNMP Traps' checkbox.

Then click it again see it's not checked. 

Click any other checkbox for another advisor...no need to view,edit,etc just click the checkbox.

Click that 1st advisor again 'agent not communicating...' and notice it shows checked.

Suggested fix:
Consistent display of 'use snmp traps' checkbox so you know if it is enabled or not.
[30 Apr 2009 20:30] Sloan Childers
This is not reproduceable with the latest 2.1.x MEM server code and using Firefox 3.0.10 as the client.  Even the special case heat chart rules allow for single enable/disabling of SNMP traps for notification and the UI reflects that properly.  The summary shows SNMP traps enabled for the group if any one of the groups rules have SNMP enabled which is working as designed.

Is this a critical bug which requires a 2.0.x maintenance release or can we get the customer on 2.1.x?
[30 Apr 2009 21:56] Sloan Childers
Oldag showed me how to break this another way... If you only select a single server and use the mass config "edit" button at the top then it ignores the single server setting.  If you select two and one has SNMP enabled and one doesn't the results *are* confusing.

I'm turning this one over to our UI expert to help me figure out the proper way to fix this.  I don't mind helping but don't know how to get the JSON stuff setup properly for the edit popup.

See EditSchedulesInfo.java action and ScheduleContainer.java and EditSchedule.java and currentSchedule.jsp for the problem areas.  

Looks like EditSchedulesInfo.java needs to pass via JSON the SNMP on/off information to handle the single vs multiple edit scenario for SNMP on/off.
[30 Apr 2009 23:41] Sloan Childers
fix pushed to 2.1.x tree
[4 May 2009 23:34] Keith Russell
Patch installed in versions =>
[5 May 2009 1:31] Bill Weber
verified fixed in build
[26 Jun 2009 15:36] Tony Bedford
An entry was added to the 2.1.0 changelog:

Editing an Advisor and selecting the Use SNMP Traps checkbox led to confusing behavior. Advisors appeared to be incorrectly enabled or disabled.