Bug #441 WinMySQLAdmin
Submitted: 17 May 2003 8:38 Modified: 11 Jun 2003 17:58
Reporter: Miguel Solorzano Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Server: Command-line Clients Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:1.4 OS:Windows (Windows)
Assigned to: MySQL Verification Team CPU Architecture:Any

[17 May 2003 8:38] Miguel Solorzano
Description: remark 1:
When the buttons on the title area of the WinMySQLadmin window are used in the normal way, the result of
closing the window will be shutdown of the tool.
Compare this situation with for example the icons for Virus Scanner and Fire Wall in the system tray 
of the Windows screen. You do not stop the Virus Scanner or Fire Wall by opening and closing a window
for that tool.

How-To-Repeat: remark 1:
When the WinMySQLadmin window is opened with the SHOW ME button on the icon in the system tray
of the Microsoft Windows screen, than you would expect that this window is closed with the X button
at the top right corner of this window.
But the result of the X button is stoppage of the tool,so the MySQL icon is removed from the 
system tray of the Windows screen.
You get the same result when you use the "system button" (MySQL icon) on the lop left corner of this
window, and than select "close".

Fix: remark 1:
The X button at the top right corner of the WinMySQLadmin window should be identical to the HIDE ME button,
so it should NOT be identical to the SHUTDOWN THIS TOOL button.
The same applies to the MySQL button at the top left corner of the window.

Description: remark 2:
The traffic light icon gives the impression that it gives a real-time indication of the status
of the MySQL server, because the colour of the traffic light changes to red when the button 
STOP THE SERVICE is used, and changes to green when the button START THE SERVICE is used.
But this impression is not true, because it does not gives the correct indication when the server
is started or stopped with commands on the MS-DOS window.

How-To-Repeat: remark 2:
Start with a normal situation, so the traffic light is green and the MySQL server is working.
Give command NET STOP MYSQL on the MS-DOS command line with prompt C:\MySQL\bin>
The MySQL server is stopped, but the MySQL traffic light remains green in the system tray of Microsoft Windows.
In this situation I would expect a red traffic light, just like the situation where the STOP THE SERVICE button
on the WinMySQLadmin tool was used.
Give command NET START MYSQL on the MS-DOS command line with prompt C:\MySQL\bin>
Now the green traffic light is showing the correct colour.

Fix: remark 2:
no information.

Description: remark 3:
Window ERR FILE shows an empty window, and the button REFRESH THE LAST DATA FROM MYSQL.ERR FILE does not 
give any result.

How-To-Repeat: remark 3:
see description

Fix: remark 3:
The correct path and file name on my PC are:
The WinMySQLadmin tool can find the correct filename in field LOCAL HOST NAME on window ENVIRONMENT.
The value "ton-lvpcruf4206" in this example is system name of my PC, as defined at installation of Windows XP,
and correctly shown on the ENVIRONMENT window in the tool.

Description: remark 4:
The identification line in the window gives "WinMySQLadmin Ver 1.4 for Win95/Win98/NT/Win2000".
Is there any specific reason why "Win XP" is not mentioned here? 

Synopsis:	WinMySQLadmin.exe version 1.4 is very confusing to use
Submitter-Id:	a-m-blom@hetnet.nl
Originator:	Ton Blom
Organization:   not applicable
MySQL support:  [none ]
Severity:	[non-critical]
Priority:	[medium]
Category:	[WinMySQLadmin]
Class:		[ sw-bug ]
Release:	mysql-4.0.12

Exectutable:   [mysqld-max-nt]
Environment:   <Personal Computer Fujitsu Siemens MS-6391>
System:        <Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition version 5.1.2600 service pack 1 build 2600>
Compiler:      VC++ 6.0
Architecture:  i

How to repeat:
[11 Jun 2003 17:58] MySQL Verification Team
Some notes about the fixes:

1- Remark #3. The log error file now is verified in the below order:
   \custom.err file

   The last option will be work if the user edit the path with a
   new key under the WinMySQLAdmin section.
   The key is called log-error.

2- For the tool to catch the server started from the command prompt
   needs to have the user name and password in the same section
   mentioned in the note 1. Otherwise only will work through the
   queries made to SCM when the server is started as service.
   The reason of this limitation is the current code used for presents
   memory leakage, so the complete fix for the remark #2 will stays
   suspense until I find a solution without this problem.