Bug #39923 Current time zone table unavilable for mysql on windows
Submitted: 8 Oct 2008 8:30 Modified: 2 Jun 2009 16:25
Reporter: Jonathan Aldridge Email Updates:
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Category:MySQL Server: Packaging Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:All OS:Microsoft Windows
Assigned to: Georgi Kodinov CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: timezone

[8 Oct 2008 8:30] Jonathan Aldridge
There is no way to get current mysql.time_zone tables for a windows mysql installation.

The tables provided at: 
are two years out of date.

And the tool suggested to generate these tables from a zoneinfo file is not available in the windows build.

How to repeat:
Following the instructions at:

gives out of date tables.
[8 Oct 2008 9:12] Jonathan Aldridge
Not strictly a bug, but not sure where else to put this.
[8 Oct 2008 9:18] Sveta Smirnova
Thank you for the reasonable feature request.

As alternative you could try to generate system tables on Cygwin. One have compile MySQL on Cygwin herself to do it.
[6 Apr 2009 8:01] varun shankar
As others(like PHP) have already updated to the newer version of timezones . MySQL should also release the latest version of the table at the earliest.
[8 Apr 2009 14:59] Georgi Kodinov
2009e timezone file generated using the tool in 5.0-bugteam

Attachment: timezone-2009e.zip (application/zip, text), 442.41 KiB.

[9 Apr 2009 12:35] varun shankar
Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
The tables you provided don't take leap seconds into account.In my project i need to take care of leap seconds also. So please provide a set of tables with leap seconds enabled.
[9 Apr 2009 13:59] varun shankar
I have tried to generate the table for windows myself. See the attachment.
What i have done is this. I downloaded the code and data from ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/
Then created linux binary which resulted in 3 set of zoneinfo files namely 
a)zoneinfo b)zoneinfo-leaps c)zoneinfo-posix . I used zoneinfo-leaps
and then used these commands,
1. mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /var/www/tz2009e/linuxbuild/etc/zoneinfo-leaps/ | mysql -u root mysql
2. mysql_tzinfo_to_sql --leap tz_file | mysql -u root mysql 

to load the tables and then just copied the tables to use on windows machine.

But there are some problems i faced.
1.I got these warning messages when i used mysql_tzinfo_to_sql 

Warning: Unable to load '/var/www/tz2009e/linuxbuild/etc/zoneinfo-leaps/Asia/Riyadh87' as time zone. Skipping it.
Warning: Unable to load '/var/www/tz2009e/linuxbuild/etc/zoneinfo-leaps/Asia/Riyadh88' as time zone. Skipping it.
Warning: Unable to load '/var/www/tz2009e/linuxbuild/etc/zoneinfo-leaps/Asia/Riyadh89' as time zone. Skipping it.
Warning: Unable to load '/var/www/tz2009e/linuxbuild/etc/zoneinfo-leaps/Mideast/Riyadh87' as time zone. Skipping it.
Warning: Unable to load '/var/www/tz2009e/linuxbuild/etc/zoneinfo-leaps/Mideast/Riyadh88' as time zone. Skipping it.
Warning: Unable to load '/var/www/tz2009e/linuxbuild/etc/zoneinfo-leaps/Mideast/Riyadh89' as time zone. Skipping it. 

In the command 
mysql_tzinfo_to_sql --leap tz_file | mysql -u root mysql  

I dont know which file to use as tz_file. so used zoneinfo-leaps/GMT.
Anyways independent of which file i am using here its generating exactly same table. 

3. I am not exactly sure which of the three zone info folders (ie. out of zoneinfo, zoneinfo-leaps and zoneinfo-posix ) should i used zoneinfo-leaps.

So because of this i am not sure the tables i have got are perfect or not.
Any help is appreciated.
[9 Apr 2009 14:01] varun shankar
timezone 2009e tables for windows

Attachment: tables.zip (, text), 446.43 KiB.

[26 May 2009 9:36] Dmitry Lenev
Hello Georgi!

Note that files provided by you include time zones without leap seconds support, while previous versions of tables which are available from our site include time zones with leap seconds. Also it seems that your package misses some information from time_zone_leap_seconds table.

So I am asking to rebuild tables taking into account the above issues and other issues discussed on IRC.

Meanwhile new version of tzdata package (2009g) is available.

Thanks for your efforts!
[26 May 2009 12:40] Georgi Kodinov
timezone-2009g.zip with proper leap seconds support

Attachment: timezone-2009g.zip (application/zip, text), 440.39 KiB.

[29 May 2009 5:31] Dmitry Lenev
Hello, Georgi!

This new version of tables contains correct leap seconds table. But it looks like time zone descriptions itself do not use this information. E.g. Time_zone.Use_leap_seconds is set to 'N' for its time zones and transition times do not take into account leap seconds. I don't think we can claim that these are tables with "proper leap seconds support".

Please let me know if I am missing something.
[29 May 2009 11:29] Georgi Kodinov
now with Use_leap_seconds on

Attachment: timezone-2009g.zip (application/zip, text), 440.38 KiB.

[29 May 2009 11:53] Georgi Kodinov
updated file

Attachment: timezone-2009g.zip (application/zip, text), 449.38 KiB.

[1 Jun 2009 13:05] Dmitry Lenev
Hello Georgi!

The last version of tables which you have provided looks fine to me.

IMO it is OK to publish it in our download area.

Thank you once again!
[2 Jun 2009 7:21] Georgi Kodinov
Updated file published to the web site.
[2 Jun 2009 16:25] Paul DuBois
Noted in 4.1.26, 5.0.83, 5.1.36, 6.0.12 changelogs.

The time zone tables for Windows available at
have been updated.