Bug #3881 MyODBC Installer Doesn't Update To 3.51.07 From 3.51.06
Submitted: 25 May 2004 17:44 Modified: 25 May 2004 18:20
Reporter: Adrien Regimbald Email Updates:
Status: Duplicate Impact on me:
Category:Connector / ODBC Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:3.51.07 OS:Microsoft Windows (Windows [Tested on XP and 98])
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[25 May 2004 17:44] Adrien Regimbald
I needed the bugfix which was supposed to be in version 3.51.07 (as per the bug report: http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=1102), noticed the installer being available, then installed the new version using the Windows "Driver Installer (EXE)" installer. However, when I tested to see if the bug was fixed, it was not. I did a bit of digging, and noticed that the driver file myodbc3.dll wasn't being updated. I tried the "Driver Installer (MSI)" version to see if that would help, with no luck. Looking at the issue a bit closer, I found out that the 3.51.07 version of myodbc3.dll was reporting itself as version 3.51.06, so when the installer compared versions, the new one wasn't newer by version, so it wasn't installed. I managed to get around this by uninstalling the previous 3.51.06 version then using the 3.51.07 installer.

How to repeat:
1. Have MyODBC version 3.51.06 installed on the computer
2. Run the MyODBC 3.51.07 Windows "Driver Installer (EXE)" installer
3. The new version 3.51.07 will not be installed

Suggested fix:
I believe that simply updating the version number in the driver DLL to properly report 3.51.07 should fix this problem. Perhaps there are similar issues with other files such as the object library file, but I didn't investigate those.

Also, the installer size has increased from 731 KB for 3.51.06 to 5.96 MB for 3.51.07, which is quite an increase for what is mostly a small bugfix release. I'm not sure what could be causing this, but it'd be nice if the size issues could be looked into as well.
[25 May 2004 18:20] Stefan Hinz
Please do not submit the same bug more than once. An existing
bug report already describes this very problem. Even if you feel
that your issue is somewhat different, the resolution is likely
to be the same. Because of this, we hope you add your comments
to the original bug instead.

Thank you for your interest in MySQL.
[25 May 2004 18:21] Stefan Hinz
This bug has been reported before (bug #3724).
[25 May 2004 18:54] Adrien Regimbald
I did in fact search before submitting my bug. I just rechecked and searched for "3.51.07 installer", "installer", "install", "installation", etc, and none of these returned results including the bug you've referenced. Anyways, I'll add my comments to the referenced bug.