Bug #38439 Workbench is very slow!
Submitted: 29 Jul 2008 19:56 Modified: 6 May 2009 7:57
Reporter: Vincent Courcelle Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Workbench Severity:S5 (Performance)
Version:5.0.27 OS:Any
Assigned to: Alfredo Kojima CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: slow

[29 Jul 2008 19:56] Vincent Courcelle
Even with a small amount of tables (~20 or so), the general program is running very slowly (taking a lot of time to do anything...), even on a fair computer (core2duo 2.4Ghz/4Ghz), CPU usage goes to 100% for the "waiting" times...

The more tables, the slowest...

How to repeat:
Create any model with a fair amount of tables.

Suggested fix:
Is it caused by the used JVM?
Which one is the faster/more optimized for Workbench?
[30 Jul 2008 16:01] MySQL Verification Team
Thank you for the bug report.
[4 Aug 2008 7:03] Mike Lischke
MySQL Workbench does not use Java. It is a C++/C# application.
[4 Aug 2008 8:29] Vincent Courcelle
I thought about it and I think that workbench is performing checks (validation) all the time about user's datas, and I think it's what is causing the program to be very slow.

The solution could be to execute those checks in a parallel thread, to avoid those slow downs, the main problem would be to synchronize this thread with the "user thread" datas...

I've 100+ tables in my model and the program is nearly unusable...
[1 Sep 2008 20:55] Chris DeBrusk
I echo this comment. I have about 30 tables in a model and the program takes several seconds to do anything. Unfortunately it is essentially unusable for me.
[31 Oct 2008 23:06] Alfredo Kojima
A bug that was causing a slow down in model rendering has been fixed. Please reopen if the next release
does not make performance acceptable.
[6 Nov 2008 17:05] Johannes Taxacher
Workbench is using now much less Memory due to this fix (it stays quite constantly around 100 MB while it went up to several hundreds of MB when loading models with larger diagrams.

please reopen if this still doesn't solve our performance issue.
The fix will be in 5.0.27
[10 Nov 2008 17:47] Tony Bedford
An entry was added to the 5.0.27 changelog:

Workbench application performance was poor, with slow loading times and excessive memory usage.
[10 Nov 2008 17:49] Vincent Courcelle
That's slightly better with 5.0.27 but still not as fast at it should...
[10 Nov 2008 19:20] Daniel Huss
5.0.27 has made this WORSE for me. The performance was acceptable in 5.0.25 but after updating to 5.0.27 SE every click on the diagram canvas or switching view tabs causes the program to completely stall for about 4 seconds at "100%" CPU (only one core is kept busy on multi core CPUs). Used to be about 1 second before.

There are 76 tables in my model.

This makes the workbench pretty much unusable to me.
[10 Nov 2008 19:48] Daniel Huss
I think I've identified the undo function as the cause of my performance loss. Setting the undo history to 1 has greatly improved reaction times for me. This matches the fact that the first few "actions" after restarting the workbench would not cause the application to stall, but the lag would get worse over time.
[13 Jan 2009 13:03] Piotr Peterek
My system:
Looking for user plugins in D:\Documents and Settings\PTo\Application Data\MySQL\Workbench\plugins
MySQL Workbench OSS for Windows version 5.0.29
Cairo Version: 1.5.12
Rendering Mode: GDI Rendering
OpenGL Driver Version: Not Detected
OS: Windows XP
CPU: 2x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T7500  @ 2.20GHz, 2.0 GB RAM
Video adapter info:
Adapter type: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family
Chip Type: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family
BIOS String: Intel Video BIOS
Video Memory: 393216 KB

It worked extreemly slow until I reduced, as suggested, history buffer.
So 5.0.29 has still this problem.
[18 Feb 2009 14:52] Ronan Jouchet
I confirm the issue and the performance improvement when reducing the undo history.

System info
Looking for user plugins in C:\Documents and Settings\john\Application Data\MySQL\Workbench\modules
Looking for user plugins in C:\Documents and Settings\john\Application Data\MySQL\Workbench\plugins
MySQL Workbench OSS for Windows version 5.0.29
Cairo Version: 1.5.12
Rendering Mode: GDI Rendering
OpenGL Driver Version: Not Detected
OS: Windows XP
CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1300MHz, 1.0 GB RAM
Video adapter info:
Adapter type: Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller
Chip Type: Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Controller
BIOS String: Intel Video BIOS
Video Memory: 65536 KB
[5 May 2009 22:54] Sam Hummel
I've got the same problem with 5.0.30 but reducing the number of undos to 1 did not help.  Every move in the model canvas is followed by a lag of several seconds.  I only have 13 tables!  Actually, nearly anything I do in the app puts my CPU at 100% for a full second.  Running XP, 1.1 Ghz Pentium M with 1.25 GB of RAM.  Any ideas?  I'm very sad to not be able to use WorkBench.
[6 May 2009 7:57] Vincent Courcelle
NB : it's even VERY slow on an Intel Quad Core 2.4Ghz with 4GB...
[11 May 2009 4:55] Radek Antoniuk
Indeed, in 5.0.30 it is still very slow.
Limiting undo helped a bit, but it still seems to "hang" for 1-2 seconds when releasing "click" after moving of the table on the diagram.
[11 May 2009 4:55] Radek Antoniuk
And by the way, status of this bug is closed. Please reopen it.
[28 Dec 2009 16:17] Adam Jones
Workbench is still too slow to use in a production environment. I had to install .Net to get it to run. If it is using C# and the .Net framework, maybe that is the problem of being too slow.
[21 Feb 2010 20:53] Carlos Pereira
Yeah!!! I have MySQL Workbench 5.2.15 OSS Rev 5053 and I have the same problem!!!

But at diference at all!!! I have a 866Mhz Pentium III machine!!! with 64 MB of shared RAM!!! 

I think that the problem is the framework in that is developed!!! .NET is easy for developer but dificult for machines!!! I could suggest that the rendering component has to be developed in pure C++ mode!!!

And I have other bug!! If you change the history undo value to a less value that is setted, the application reports a crash!!!
[21 Mar 2012 10:20] Sergey L
Ubuntu 11.10 x64 on i7 3.4Ghz, 16Gb ram
Extremely slow. It run faster in VMWare on Windows XP, than native on Linux.