Bug #3500 update syntax
Submitted: 18 Apr 2004 23:49 Modified: 19 Apr 2004 7:03
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Category:MySQL Server Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
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[18 Apr 2004 23:49] Nhat Le
Hi. I'm having problems with updating a table named char. I have a program that can create tables named char.  When i use the mySQL query: update char set login=5 where login>2; i always get an error.  I know i get this error because char is a data type.  However, if I switch the query to: update 'char' set login=5 where login>2;    I still get an error!  I always get error 1064 which is a syntax error

other errors include:  rename table 'table1' to 'table2';

Essentially any table names enclosed in single quotes gives me a 1064: syntax error

I don't want to have to change my table names just to execute some queries.

How to repeat:
rename table 'table1' to 'table2';       error 1064
update 'char' set money=0 where login>100;
update char set money=0 where login>100;

Suggested fix:
Change it so that all SQL functions/commands allow table names or any columns to be enclosed in single quotes please.  Thank you.

so these queries should work:

rename table 'table1' to 'table2'; 
update 'char' set money=0 where login>100;
[18 Apr 2004 23:51] Nhat Le
update 'char' set money=0 where login>100;
update char set money=0 where login>100;

typos!!! should be:

update 'char' set login=0 where login>100;
update char set login=0 where login>100;
[19 Apr 2004 0:03] Nhat Le
Never mind i'm an idiot, i used the wrong chars to enclose the table names.... I used ''  rather than ``.   I'm very new to the SQL language sorry for this stupid bug post. =/
[19 Apr 2004 0:04] Nhat Le
please delete... it's not a bug post!
[19 Apr 2004 7:03] Sergei Golubchik
closed as "not a bug"