Bug #34680 Tables are forced to be too wide
Submitted: 19 Feb 2008 23:44 Modified: 27 Mar 2008 17:23
Reporter: Julian Cash Email Updates:
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Category:MySQL Workbench Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:5.0.13 OS:Any
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Tags: enum, MySQL Workbench, table width

[19 Feb 2008 23:44] Julian Cash
Some tables are automatically far too wide in the ER diagram.  They should be way too force the table widths to be shorter.

One of the fields in an example table is of type enum.  In the "datatype" input box for adding a new column/field to a table, I put...
...This makes a table that is far too wide to be practical.  

I have not been able to find any way to make the table thinner.  Some ENUM fields that we use are far longer than the one shown here.

Should I be using ENUM differently, or should there be a way to make make tables in the ER diagram tool thinner?

How to repeat:
Just make a table with an ENUM that's very long.

Suggested fix:
Either make a method for making tables thinner, or tell me how to do ENUMs differently.
[19 Feb 2008 23:57] MySQL Verification Team
Thank you for the bug report.
[20 Feb 2008 0:02] Julian Cash
I'll lower this to S3, but the 3 reasons we're still using DBdesigner are...
- The table width issue discussed in this bug.
- The known OpenGL performance issue.
- I can't find how to buy the SE (so I can print).

Once those are fixed, we plan to switch to MySQL Workbench.

Thank you for all of the amazing incredible inspired work!!!!!
[27 Feb 2008 17:23] Johannes Taxacher
please check out latest release (5.0.14) - now you should be able to resize the tables to fit your needs. (so thats one of your request). 

btw, the new GDI-software rendering should provide a remarkably performance boost even without openGL.
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