Bug #32018 Autodesk Mapguide 6.5 problem with MyODBC 5.1.0 Alpha
Submitted: 1 Nov 2007 3:05 Modified: 31 Jan 2008 16:32
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Category:Connector / ODBC Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:5.1.0 Alpha OS:Windows (Windows XP SP1)
Assigned to: Assigned Account CPU Architecture:Any

[1 Nov 2007 3:05] [ name withheld ]
After installing MyODBC 5.1.0 Alpha and setting up the test DSN, I tried to use Mapguide 6.5 Author to create a new map with data from MySQL via MyODBC. Selecting the MyODBC data source was fine, but was unable to enumerate the tables within the database.

"Unable to enumerate tables for the requested data source: Test"

How to repeat:
In Mapguide Author:
1. Create a new map.
2. Add new map layer.
3. Specify the OLE DB datasource provided by MyODBC.
4. Attempt to enumerate the tables within the MyODBC datasource.

The Author will then report the error:
"Autodesk Mapguide Server error : 500-4

The Server encountered an internal error. Please contact your system administrator."

The server error log shows:
"Unable to enumerate tables for the requested data source: Test"
[1 Nov 2007 3:07] [ name withheld ]
ODBC trace log

Attachment: SQL.LOG (application/octet-stream, text), 46.30 KiB.

[7 Nov 2007 14:37] Susanne Ebrecht

many thanks for writing a bug report.

On the first view, the error looks like, that the database doesn't exist.

Are you sure, there is a database "Test"?

Kind regards,

[7 Nov 2007 16:05] Jess Balint
Verified as described.
[12 Nov 2007 18:13] Susanne Ebrecht

I really can't repeat this. Please, let me know, when you meant something different. I'll add the screenshots from my tests.

[12 Nov 2007 18:13] Susanne Ebrecht
how to open odbc connection handler

Attachment: open_odbc.jpg (image/jpeg, text), 41.03 KiB.

[12 Nov 2007 18:13] Susanne Ebrecht
odbc connection with the list of all tables, that were in my test database

Attachment: odbc_connection.jpg (image/jpeg, text), 112.40 KiB.

[13 Nov 2007 1:16] [ name withheld ]
A screenshot of the error in MapGuide Author 6.5

Attachment: screenshot.png (image/png, text), 17.80 KiB.

[13 Nov 2007 1:20] [ name withheld ]
Your tests was with MapGuide Enterprise 2007 or 2008, not with the MapGuide 6.5 release that the bug is in.

MapGuide Enterprise can communicate with MySQL natively and thus doesn't need MyODBC. However, MapGuide 6.5, now a legacy application but still widely used, needs ODBC drivers to access data in MySQL.
[13 Nov 2007 14:44] Susanne Ebrecht
Sorry, but that was, what I got from Autodesk after asking for MapGuide 6.5 as trial.

Of course, we can't have all kinds of software.

But I could verify your problem know. It fails here long before using the Author  ...
When you use: 
Autodesk MapGuide Server Admin
edit -> properties
name: whatever
Microsoft Data Link (UDL) for OLE DB
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Driver
Than I can choose my DSN
and have to fill out the user and pw for my database connect again (it doesn't matter, if this it at the DSN too)

Then test the connection: this works

At point 3, you can choose a database from a selection menu.
Choose the database
and test connection again.

Then it fails with a fatal error during initialization.

Snippet Trace:

MapAdmin        cf4-cf8	ENTER SQLGetInfoW 
		HDBC                009D18D8
		UWORD                       16 <SQL_DATABASE_NAME>
		PTR                 0x00000000 
		SWORD                        0 
		SWORD *             0x0012D1DC

MapAdmin        cf4-cf8	EXIT  SQLGetInfoW  with return code 1 (SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)
		HDBC                009D18D8
		UWORD                       16 <SQL_DATABASE_NAME>
		PTR                 0x00000000 
		SWORD                        0 
		SWORD *             0x0012D1DC (8)

Because MapGuide 6.5 is very difficult to get for us, please could you try, if it fails by using MyODBC version 3.51.21, too?
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