Bug #28129 "Connection Reset" Property Can not afford any change
Submitted: 27 Apr 2007 5:01 Modified: 9 Jun 2007 15:08
Reporter: jiang xun Email Updates:
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Category:Connector / NET Severity:S1 (Critical)
Version:MySQL 4.0.1,MySQL 5.0 OS:Microsoft Windows (XP Sp1)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[27 Apr 2007 5:01] jiang xun
If a "Connection Reset" Property And a "CharSet" Property had been also Existed, "CharSet" Property will Lost it's role, It Can not afford any change 。I've tested with MySQL 4.0.1 and MySQL 5.0

That is My Function:
		public void Initilize() 
			StringBuilder connStr = new StringBuilder();

			//keyword values 
			connStr.Append("Connection Timeout=").Append(nConnTimeOut).Append(";");
			connStr.Append("Allow Batch=").Append(bAllowBatch).Append(";");
			/* connStr.Append("Encrypt=").Append(bEncrypt).Append(";"); */ // Not Supported Yet
			connStr.Append("Database=").Append( strDatabase).Append(";");
			connStr.Append("Persist Security Info=").Append(bPersistSecurityInfo).Append(";");
			connStr.Append("Shared Memory Name=").Append(strSharedMemoryName).Append(";");
			connStr.Append("Allow Zero Datetime=").Append(bAllowZeroDatetime).Append(";");
			connStr.Append("Convert Zero Datetime=").Append( bConvertZeroDatetime).Append(";");
			connStr.Append("Old Syntax=").Append(bOldSyntax).Append(";");
			connStr.Append("Pipe Name=").Append(strPipeName).Append(";");
			/* connStr.Append("Use Performance Monitor=").Append(bUsePerformanceMonitor).Append(";"); */ // Not Supported Yet
			connStr.Append("Procedure Cache Size=").Append(nProcedureCacheSize).Append(";");
			connStr.Append("Ignore Prepare=").Append(bIgnorePrepare).Append(";");
			/* connStr.Append("Use Procedure Bodies=").Append(bUseProcedureBodies).Append(";"); */ // Not Supported Yet

			//connection pooling values 
			connStr.Append("Connection Lifetime=").Append(nConnectLifeTime).Append(";");
			connStr.Append("Max Pool Size=").Append(nMaxPoolSize).Append(";");
			connStr.Append("Min Pool Size=").Append(nMinPoolSize).Append(";");
			connStr.Append("Connection Reset=").Append(bConnectionReset).Append(";");

			strConnStr = connStr.ToString();

How to repeat:
[27 Apr 2007 5:02] jiang xun
MySQL数据库连接源,支持MySQL5.0及前版本,.NET Framework2.0及前版本

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[3 May 2007 8:18] Tonci Grgin
Hello Jiang and thanks for your report. As I can't read Chinese, can you tell me, please, which version of connector/NET are you using?
[8 May 2007 12:46] jiang xun
Hello tonci and thanks for your reply,The version of connector/NET was mysql-connector-net-1.0.9.All Environment as those are:
OS:Windows XP Pro sp1(Chinese Version)
Database:MySQL 4.0.1,MySQL 5.0
.net Framework:Microsoft .net Framework 1.1
Develop Toolkit:Visual Studio .net 2003
Develop Language:C#
Look forward to your reply,Thank you.
[9 May 2007 15:08] Tonci Grgin
Hi Jiang. I have NET FW 2.0 / VS2005 and your class ManagedThreadPool can't be found there... Can you rewrite the test case so that it doesn't use it, or multi threading, at all?
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