Bug #27820 MTK BLOB 4MB Limit - MSSQL > MySQL
Submitted: 14 Apr 2007 2:08 Modified: 14 Apr 2007 12:35
Reporter: Brett Veenstra Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Migration Toolkit Severity:S1 (Critical)
Version:1.1.11 OS:Windows (Windows 2000 SP4)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: MSSQL, mtk, windows2000

[14 Apr 2007 2:08] Brett Veenstra
I'm attempting to migrate from a MSSQL 2000 system.  

I have a field in the MSSQL table that is of type [image]and the Migration Toolkit defines this field as [longblob] in the MySQL target table (I believe this is correct).  Upon running the migration to transfer data however, I get:

ERROR: The following error occured while transfering binary data from <tableName>, column <columnName> BLOB is larger than 4MB.

How to repeat:
Create a MSSQL database, create a table with a column of type image.  Populate with more than 4MB in the field (it can hold up to 2GB).  Run MTK to transfer data online.

Suggested fix:
Look into JDBC driver to see how you can identify [LONGblob] from [blob] column types (sorry, not a Java guy, so don't know if possible).
[14 Apr 2007 4:01] MySQL Verification Team
Thank you for the bug report. Could you please try configuring
the max_allowed_packet in the my.ini file how is explained
at: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/packet-too-large.html


use an appropriate value for your data size. Thanks in advance.
[14 Apr 2007 12:35] Brett Veenstra
Thank you Miguel for your comment.  It was that comment, ALONG with using the "Advanced" option of Ignoring BLOB 4MB Limitation that allowed the migration to proceed.