Bug #27384 MySQLd execution fails to complete
Submitted: 22 Mar 2007 20:35 Modified: 21 Feb 2014 18:00
Reporter: Patrick Anthony Email Updates:
Status: Unsupported Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Server Severity:S1 (Critical)
Version:5.0.37 OS:Windows (Windows98)
Assigned to: Assigned Account CPU Architecture:Any

[22 Mar 2007 20:35] Patrick Anthony
This resulted during an attempt to upgrade to 5.0.37; from a working 4.1.12a version.

The previous working version 4.1.12a was disabled (my.ini removed) and isolated in a separate directory.

New Installation completed without problem into a new directory
 'C:\MySQL5' directory; and path set to same. Only default options chosen.
  ie: a Light duty server.

MSDOS level execution of mysqld just hangs. Server will not complete startup.
User GUI interaction drags to a snail pace. 
The only resolution to relieve system is CTRL-ALT-DELETE termination of MYSQLD.

Reinstallation failed to resolve the issue; and the download MD5 checked out OK. 

Installation was tried on second Windows98 machine with the same result. ie: On execution of MYSQLD all GUI interaction with the computer is slowed significantly and the DOS window never releases. 

Systems: - With all other loaded programmes disabled.
1) PIII 400 running Win98 2nd Edition; 512MRAM and tons of HD
2) PII 350 running Win98 2nd Edition; 384MRAM; Gobs of HD

MySQL 5.0.37 Downloaded was:-
Windows (x86) ZIP/Setup.EXE
MD5: b909c16ac5bde755aa20486b981f23a1

How to repeat:
Install version 5.0.37 on simialr Windows98 system and then try to start server with MySQLD from within the BIN directory with MSDOS

Suggested fix:
How do I get a copy of an older version, say 5.0.27, without this bug?
[23 Mar 2007 9:49] Sveta Smirnova
Thank you for the report.

Do you run mysqld server from command line? If so, please, check bug #26574. Or do you mean mysql client to issue queries?
[23 Mar 2007 12:30] Patrick Anthony
Sveta Smirnova writes: Do you run mysqld server from command line? 
My Reply: 
I installed MySQL at C:\MySQLServer5
I attempted to start up the server with the following command, executed in a one-line BATCH file, which I created in the  C:\MySQLServer5\Bin directory and and accessed via a desktop shortcut. 

mysqld --defaults-file="C:\MySQLServer5\my.ini"

I also tried lauching the server, by hand entered commands, from an MSDOS window, with the same system hang outcome. These techniques worked with other versions of MYSQLD.

*** Summary outcome:  My server tries to launch; but hangs the Win98 PC.
MYSQLD is present in the Task List; but my PC is hung and little else works.
The only way to get the system back is a CTRL-ALT-DEL then Terminate click on  MYSQLD. {Although my PC is hung, once the keyboard short cut CTRL-ALT-DEL is used, the mouse frees-up to select the offending MYSQLD in the task list.)

Re: check bug #26574 - I do not get the error windows, mentioned my Cristiano.
I've tried the --standalone option and it hangs my system too. This experience might be similar; but not exactly.

Sveta Smirnova writes: Or do you mean mysql client to issue queries?
My Reply: 
If I could get Mysql 5.0.37 running, I plan to use PHP via Apache to interface with my database. Sorry, I've seemed to have misused the term client to describe the bug error.

Background: My old 4.1.12a system was set up and worked on this PC. The startup approach was similar and worked well. I was tring to upgrade to PHP5/MySQL5. 

New Info:
I have removed 5.0.37; when I found where to get 5.0.27 from your system. 

I downloaded 5.0.27; installed it at C:\MySQLServer5 and started it successfully with: mysqld --defaults-file="C:\MySQLServer5\my.ini" from my batch file. 

My conclusion: 5.0.37 has a bug that stops it from being usable much past the installation stage on Windows 98.

Thx for your relies. I hope some of this helps.

Please let me know when 5.0.38 comes out; maybe I'll have more luck with that; if I find 5.0.27 faulters some how. For me, I'm back to working my application now that I have a server that runs a version of MySQL 5.x.x; and good bye 4.x.x
[23 Mar 2007 13:08] Sveta Smirnova
Thank you for the feedback.

mysqld is not client but server, so category changed to more appropriate one.
[21 Feb 2014 18:00] MySQL Verification Team
win 98 and 5.0 not supported.